Starting your own business is the most effective way out of unemployment!

...if you know how to do it right.

Let this web site immediately show you!

My father was a child of the Great Depression over 75 years ago in Costa Rica. His mother was a widow. He was the eldest son of 7 and they were poor.

At 13 my grandmother told him, "Frank, my dear, I know you want more than a grammar school education. But we must eat."

So she apprenticed him to a cabinetmaker down the block, who put him to work immediately at his shop. For a week my dad swept, scraped, scrubbed and scalded.

On the last day my father stood exhausted at the end of a line with the rest of the men. He was to receive the first wages of his life.

"Stretch out your hand," the shop owner told him.

Then he dropped some loose change in it.

"Come back next week."

The owner turned and walked away.

There in that empty shop my dad stood for what seemed an eternity staring at his hand in silence.

"That's it? This is all I get after all I've done?" he told himself.

What My Father's Experience Can Do For You

What my father did next changed not only the rest of his life, but mine as well and that of his grandchildren.

What he did next helps me show you at this web site how you can experience the enormous satisfaction of shunning traditional employment and arbitrary work schedules in favor of an alternative lifestyle under your control.

What he did next will show you how you can end your present condition of unemployment.

My father showed me how you can eliminate the high risk of blowing your career.

It's this simple:

When you put all your eggs in 1 basket, choosing to depend for your future success on 1 and only 1 employer at a time, who can toss you out the door at a moment's notice, then you have a high-risk career no matter what work you do.

Why not begin enjoying the benefits of flextime, telecommuting, independent contracting or home-based opportunities that are within your reach today by starting your own business?

Change your thinking overnight. Then get going!

- Secure your financial future
- Use your talents
- Weave a new career or complement an existing one
- Be your own boss
The choice is yours. That's what starting your own business gives you. You get to call the shots because your career won't depend on only 1 employer.

- No more commuting
- No more meager raises
- No more corporate politics
- No more underemployment
- No more staring at the ceiling wondering what to do
End those imposing demands from 1 single hireling who you call 'boss', yet you fear saying no to.

What if instead of 1 employer you had 50 employers all at once, and they all loved you? What if one of them hated your guts and quit on you? Just get a replacement for that one, while the other 49 continue giving you work. How's that for career security?

You have the final say here.

You're in control.

You determine your own direction, if you follow my father's advice.

Learn my dad's secret in this Financial Free Fall Survival video full of information that you can put to use immediately. It's free and you will find it nowhere else online.

Then keep coming back to this site for more insights on how starting your own business and creating repeat customers will end the risk of your career floundering, will fill your pockets with honest money quick and will keep you from unemployment.

But this site is not for everybody.

- If you think that work is the price you pay for leisure
- If you think good money comes by dishonest gain
- If you think the government owes you a living
Then starting your own business, this video and the information in this web site are not for you.

But if you hunger for purpose, if you're willing to confront your fears, if you're willing to go all out for something worthwhile – if starting your own business is what you want – then you've come to the right place.

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