Your Diploma Won't Prove You Know Business. But This Will.

by Arturo F Munoz
(San Francisco Bay Area, California)

help starting a businessYou spends years running from one classroom to the next. Then you expect to exit the last one of them and run into more than an acceptable job.

You want the career of your dreams. But what do you run on your own? What can you offer as proof that you're worth a penny of someone else's money?

Answer: A piece of paper called a diploma.

How long did it take to get that piece of paper? Twelve years? Fourteen years? Sixteen years? Heck, maybe 18 years?

You know what that means to the folks with the cash to pay you, right? It means that you've spent most of your life chasing paper.

That's the difference between being busy vs. productive. Why should productive people hire you if they can't tell the same difference in you?

What can you do, besides hand over a piece of paper, for these people who you want helping you now start your own career? How will you yield a return for them?

Clueless are you?

Don't sweat it. Learn this word: entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is the way you build proof that you can be relied upon for a career, not because you deserve a career but because you're already practicing one.

Consider Ben Gordon who as a sophomore at the University of Southern California today specializes in selling fresh bread to students on campus. His operation is called Bicycle Bread Company.

There's also the case of Ethan Margalith, who in the 1970s started a moving company called Starving Students, for obvious reasons. And today it's a profitable operation with thousands of customers and outposts in many states.

Do you think anyone would question Ben or Ethan's ability to produce results? Do you think they'd focus on their diploma if they had to hand them over money? Can the same be said of you?

Both businesses started the same way. Students found a local need and worked to meet it while in school pursuing their sheepskins.

What proves better after graduation that they are ready for real work?

If you said the diploma, you failed the test.

Get a head start. It may be your only chance to win credibility as a real worker. Students, even graduates, carry little credibility with practitioners.

Start a small business of your own right as a student.

Visit this site often to learn how to do it.

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