Young Business Entrepreneur...

Will You Learn Some Proper English
To Succeed In Business Please?

by Arturo F Munoz

Young business entrepreneur, are you aware that the way you express yourself bespeaks of what you value most?
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Someone unable to form cogent phrases, full sentences and persuasive arguments will be unable to communicate value to a prospective customer. In short, speaking well means doing business well. Fail at it and you fail at business.

Something turned terribly awry in my generation when it came to language. Now that I've raised my children, I see their generation has done far worse. The language gives evidence of this.

I don't mince words about it. I fully blame statist curricula in use for decades by bureaucrats in government schools for producing a majority of ineffective writers and speakers in our society.

There. That's simple and direct, easy to understand.

But beyond this and more to my objective for this post, I see in today's adults an aversion to embrace language for its importance in enabling good commerce. That's disturbing, especially since in a global economy we need to make a concerted effort to speak with foreigners in their languages. This we won't do well unless we know first our own best.

It's Not 'Dude' But 'Sir', Young Business Entrepreneur...

Business language is deliberate. Words matter. They carry who you are to the ears of others – what you believe, what you want and the meaning of what you do.

To avoid becoming isolated somewhere in an organization, distant from the daily actions of customers and employees, all of us must also avoid sounding empty, pretentious or plain stupid when addressing any of them. Our words must make their appropriate impact on others.

It isn't about wanting to be a stiff. It's about being fitting, proper. Most businesses are not night clubs. So night club language is not fitting in most businesses. Neither are they vandalized side walks.

Only too often do I see digital chicken scratch, especially in social networks, from someone half my age. It looks like something a tagger would have spray painted on a bus stop shelter:
It BTHOM. It's not ez 2 fig out & I h8 it!
The writer thinks this is clever. It isn't. It's a failure to communicate. But I'm willing to cut them a little (very little!) slack because of their inexperience, unless they take offense to being instructed to write and speak like adults and turn insolent on me.

However, when a near peer of mine writes to me this way during serious exchange, not only do I frown but I try to take my business elsewhere. Can I count on this person to do what she says, if I can't understand a thing she has said to me?

The point of writing is to make a point. The above behavior is nearly unforgivable in a young business entrepreneur and the market will ensure if not correction then punishment. Business will take a hike.

Business readers have little time and patience for having to decipher slang code. They want precision. They want it fast, even if they don't ask explicitly for it. So as a young business entrepreneur give it to them or lose business.

Peter F. Drucker once said that executives live in an artificial environment like isolated monks. That's one reason why so often nobody understands what they say. The same goes for young business entrepreneurs who live in the isolation of street slang. Nobody who matters can understand what they say.

If you want to trade with someone as a young business entrepreneur, this person must develop trust in you. To trust you he must understand you. But he must also understand what you value. If you value language, then you value maturity, because it takes time to ripen the spoken word into a luscious fruit sweet to the palate.

"A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver," says an old proverb. Drop the digital chicken scratch and become a wordsmith instead.

It's good for business! It's also a joy. The proof is in the video below.

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