Write It Down For Sure!

by Susie

I agree with Arturo about writing things down. It's incredibly true that the pen is key to accomplishing! You MUST write things down. Also, keeping your goals in front of you every day, keeps the mind focused.

----- Arturo's Reply to Susie -----

Yes, Susie, accountability, commitment and writing down one’s goals is a fine recipe for accomplishment.

For instance, by sending a weekly progress report to a friend you will accomplish significantly more than if you just keep your goals and how you get to them to yourself.

By professsing a public commitment to achieve your goals in mind, you can also significantly accomplish more than just by writing down your commitments or goals.

Lastly, by writing down your goals you can accomplish significantly more than anyone who simply doesn't write down goals at all.

So write them down, profess that you'll accomplish them and report on your progress and you will be more likely to get to your goals. By combining all 3 practices, you'll be nearly unstoppable in achieving your objectives.

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