Why Do People Procrastinate?

The 3 Most Effective Ways To Stop Procrastinating

Why do people procrastinate? Starting your own business is a process that begins where it may not seem obvious. That is because what seems obvious is never seen until someone expresses it simply.

So the following 3 simple guidelines will make obvious for you what is often not seen, except by successful entrepreneurs who have long stopped procrastinating.

Take these 3 guidelines to heart and you will have the beginnings of a business startup.

Guideline # 1: Everything Starts And Ends With Your Neighbor Except Your Choices. So Choose Wisely!

happy neighbors If someone said to you that you were a procrastinator, your immediate reaction would be to defend yourself.

"Why do they do it? Why do people procrastinate?" you might ask yourself.

"It can't be that bad," "It's just how I grew up," "My mother was like that too," "Actually I was forced into something I didn't want to do," etc.

Some people like to blame their misfortunes on others. But the truth is, so long as you're in a position of authority, where you get to choose whether to undertake something or not, you're equally at fault as is circumstance if the work doesn't get done.

Asking why do people procrastinate is no solution, because the answer is too obvious.

You procrastinate because you choose to procrastinate.

The sooner you accept this, the better you'll be able to overcome procrastination. This is simple. Be honest. Take courage in being honest and owning the problem.

But owning the problem is not the remedy either.

At best, owning the problem puts a mirror to your face, so that you have no one to run to and blame for a lack of results. It will also keep you from asking that insignificant question again of why do people procrastinate.

And at worst, owning the problem can bring guilt and even despair to your situation, if you truly want to cure procrastination but know not how to do it.

When your desire not to procrastinate anymore is truly sincere, you need to demonstrate your determination through small daily gestures. How do you accomplish this?

Ask yourself no more why do people procrastinate but rather "In what ways is my procrastination injuring others?"

Sit down with pen and paper. Write down the damage that you're producing, the loses that others are incurring because of your delays, the benefits that they're foregoing by trusting you each time you say you will do something that you end up choosing not to do after all.

Here are some simple examples of what I'm talking about:
  • Who feels the worst pinch when you lose money on late fees for not paying the bills on time?

  • Whose left holding the bag when complaints about a relative or employee's performance arrive and you put off dealing with them for fear of hurting someone's feelings?

  • Whose character is damaged most when you delay a reply to your child's teacher because you know the problem and you're fed up of it?

  • Whose bitterness builds deeper when you postpone discussing the resentment in your spouse about too many things in life being more important to you than your relationship together?
The answer is obvious. The damage is worse to someone else first than to you. You get what's coming to you later because of your procrastination. But you're responsible for hindering others because of your endless rearrangements.

Is that what you want to be to people? A stumbling block? Let up on wondering why do people procrastinate, if this is keeping you from doing what you must, and instead keep from becoming an obstacle to others. Choose wisely to stop procrastination.

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