Who Are We?

We Are A Family Of Micro-Business Owners!

And we want you to experience the satisfaction of starting a small business as a micro-entrepreneur, operating your own micro-enterprise.

We've done it. We believe so can you!

As a family-owned advisory service, Starting Your Own Business Overnight provides you with quick money-making ideas and techniques both to launch your own micro-business debt-free and put an end to your unemployment overnight.
Who Are The Munoz
Founder Arturo F Muñoz has nearly 20 years of business experience, having specialized in the area of intrapreneurship and marketing.

He is also owner and founder of Reach 4 Polaris, LLC, a business process management consulting firm focused on marketing automation and process optimization strategy.

Arturo has worked with large and small businesses alike, launching numerous dynamic, complex and enterprising marketing initiatives throughout his career for a variety of global clients. His work experience ranges from working with small operations in international trade, specialty foodstuffs, brush clearing and manufacturing to software development and deployment projects in large corporations in a capacity of both consultant and employee.

His brother Frank J Muñoz is likewise an enterprising business owner, with over a decade of self-employment experience, specializing in delivering marketing services to the micro-entrepreneur in the Spanish-speaking community. He has deployed a variety of micro-businesses, including an import business, a second-hand furniture store business, a graphic design business, and several other small ventures.

Alexis and Priscilla Muñoz, who are starting their careers as micro-entrepreneurs, are Arturo's son and daughter respectively and support the operation as research assistants.

In the true tradition of the Muñoz, both Alexis and Priscilla diligently work on their own ventures – one involving airsoft accessories promotion and the other custom-made vintage dresses, hand-crafted by Frank's wife, a professional seamstress with national recognition in her native country of Costa Rica.

Why Focus On Micro-Enterprising?

The Muñoz have multi-generational experience in launching micro-enterprises, which are small businesses that often have had little to no access to conventional commercial financing, have very few to no employees. Yet, when well designed, these micro-businesses are able to maintain their owners self-employed, confident and fulfilled.

In the U.S.A. the Small Business Administration (SBA) defines a small business as having up to 500 employees. That's too big for someone wanting to start a business from a kitchen table.

  • But a micro-business is just the right size for a family who needs to pull together to make ends meet, when the head-of-household's career hopes get dashed to pieces after long bouts with unemployment.

  • It is also the right size of business to start for the recent graduate who can't find work, owes years of student debt for a school certificate that does not guarantee a career future, yet yearns for a productive start in life.

  • It is the right type of business for any young or retired person to venture into to develop new business skills or to keep them from going stale.

  • It is the kind of business that can produce cash quick!

In short, a micro-enterprise, well planned, well executed, well run, is a ticket out of unemployment and into sustainable work, if you receive competent guidance, which we endeavor to offer you.

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