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Small Business Marketing: A Really Successful
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by Arturo F Munoz

He is desperate for ways to make quick money. He is not even 25 years old. Twelve months ago or so he launched his own business with $3,000 in savings. After 3 years behind a desk, he couldn't put up with office politics anymore. ways to make quick money marketing

He was paying his way through college and had only 1 year to go before graduation. But on his last year he decided to take a hiatus and follow my advice to start a quick cash operation and get serious work-creation experience from the ground up, after having tasted corporate life for a while and dissing it.

His is a seasonal business. It's also a cash business, cleaning storefront and house windows. This week I was working with him on his second-year marketing campaign. Last year, half way through the season, I started building his website. He had not paid it any mind at the start. Rather, thinking on his own about ways to make quick money, he spent one-third of his capital printing and passing out flyers. "That's what most people in this line of work do," he told me. The phone barely rang. I wasn't surprised in the least.

It's not that he didn't get responses. On the contrary, he followed part of my advice and did exceptionally well at 1% of people responding. But the fact is that 1% is not a lot of people when you're passing out less than 10,000 flyers because you can afford to pass out no more than 1,000. Also, even 1,000 flyers is hard on both your feet and on your calendar. Walking takes a lot of stamina and valuable time, even if you have help from relatives. Nevertheless I told him, "If pamphleteering is what you want to do, then do yourself a favor and focus only on the 3 specific neighborhoods that you want to work at and keep at them. Look for houses with a view." And he did. But business was slow. After a couple of months all he was doing was covering costs. He was making zero profit.

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Good question. How could he do better than break even? What better ways to make quick money might there be for someone who is young, 6 months into his first business and one-third down on his budget at the peak of the selling season and with no phone ringing off the hook yet, no growth happening?

Effective Ways To Make Quick Money Put Into Action

Here's how not only he survived the year, but is now booked 3 weeks in advance even while the new season is barely getting started. I'm talking about my son Alexis, who started his own quick money venture 12 months ago to test my theories about how someone who might be unemployed but well backed by family, balanced in terms of his perspective about college and willing both to take risks and work hard and smart could start a quick cash business to experience the benefits of entrepreneurship.

What kind of benefits are we talking about? How about learning how to market, how to sell, how to develop a business operation, how to run financial books, manage cash flow, cover expenses, make a profit, how to deliver customer support and achieve customer satisfaction, how to contract out work and network with associates and competitors, how to gain confidence in himself, plus a vision for the future, the means to achieve it, and much more?

First, he understood that big business' ways to make quick money don't necessarily work with small business. It should be obvious that they got deeper pockets than you do. Beware of imitating them. My son didn't want to shoot his wad and end up with nothing more than an empty musket. Three thousand dollars don't buy you a lot of ammo in California. So he spent ample time studying the local market, by speaking with other window cleaners in the area, coming to understand what kept them in business and what made them distinct from each other.

He researched the field online to understand what equipment was necessary to own at the start of the operation and what could wait for the future, once he faced greater demand if his venture succeeded. He realized that he had to stand out, head and shoulders above the competition. To do this, we worked on the benefits that he would provide which other window cleaners were neither providing nor would they provide as he would to the customers that he wanted to serve.
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From this came the idea for the name of his business: Five or Free Window Cleaning Services. Five what? Five promises. And if he didn't deliver them? The job's for free. That's called risk reversal.

The customer would get a 5-piece deal, which other cleaners were inconsistent in delivering or simply wouldn't commit to do for a customer. And yet, by failing on any one of them, my son would still finish the job but not charge the customer anything for it. They'd get their windows done for free! That's like giving $300 away for nothing! Would you do that? Well, he did. It's one of his ways to make quick money. The customer had nothing to lose. It worked like a charm, because prospective customers are wholly enticed to buy from him since the purchase is all benefit and no risk to them.

Next came the website in tandem with a lead sharing networking group. Once a week Alexis met with other local business owners who would share a business referral with each other as a condition to staying in the group. A window blinds cleaner would pass opportunities to a carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner would pass opportunities to an insurance policy man. The insurance policy man would pass opportunities to the real estate agent and the real estate agent would pass window cleaning opportunities to my son. Things began to look up. His kind of business is, as much local business tends to be, referral-based. Among your ways to make quick money never forget to give sales opportunities to your fellow entrepreneurs. They will have a reason to refer business to you then.

But people don't just ask for a tip on who could clean their windows. They also look for window cleaners themselves. It used to be that the main source of information on who to call was the Yellow Pages. Well, the Yellow Pages are dead in America. People use the Web today, especially after the advent of smartphones. So, where was that Five or Free website?

It took 4 weeks to build and there are many steps to creating a site that is locally attractive to the search engines like Google and Bing - too many to list here - but suffice it to be said that by the end of his fourth month in business, he not only was online but beginning to rank high on the search results pages, though not on page 1. That took 3 more months to do by itself. He paid in the meantime for a listing in Yelp and another local directory to help his own site along. Soon enough his own site was ranking at the top of page 1 of Google results. He was finally visible to people looking for window cleaners in his target area! The phone started ringing. Sometimes some ways to make quick money require you having to spend some money first!

How Some Ways To Make Quick Money Are Far Better Than Others

Between referrals and his website, my son started to wrap up his year with a sudden boost of business right at the tail end of the season. Time to kick into gear an end-of-year strategy: joint ventures tossed into the mix of ways to make quick money.

"Are there house cleaning maids services, gutter cleaners, curtain cleaners, blind cleaners and such who might be willing to partner with you to do a bigger job than they can do alone for a share of the pay that you'd do along with them?"

"I dunno," he said.

"Time to find out," dad said. And he did.

That produced a $10,000 end-of-year deal with the owner of a small janitorial service company that could land a large deal with the county prison system only if she could find a reliable window cleaner willing to work through the holidays. She'd called everybody. Everybody was out to Bermuda, except my son. He got the deal...permanently. Now he has a commercial client worth tens of thousands of dollars per year. And he hadn't been in business for even 12 months yet. Among your ways to make quick money keep in mind the effect of collaborating in a joint campaign with another service provider who can target accounts that you cannot reach, but who may be unable to service them well or at all without your complementary assistance.

One benefit of getting this large commercial account was that my son was able to gain the confidence of a large local grocer to take care of his large storefront windows periodically, though the job was too big for my son to do alone. However, by having networked with competitors for several months prior, Alexis had gotten into the practice of sending business leads to some of them for jobs that had been too big for him to do himself. ways to money quick referrals

This earned my son the respect and trust of even his competitors, such that some now work as subcontractors with him, as in the case of the grocery store, while others send him business when they have too much to handle already. Among the ways to make quick money there is the practice of sharing your success with others. Send them business or invite them to share in the business with you. Most will do the same for you in return.

As his first year of operations came to an end, my son and I sat down to do a postmortem on his adventurous year-long project. How many ways to make quick money had actually earned money for him quickly? A small round of hyper-targeted flyers and connections to a networking team of business owners willing to share referrals with each other had kept him in business long enough for his online presence to become evident via a highly optimized website that would show up in local Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. His Five or Free brand was making him stand well above competitors. What could he do now that the season was over? How about delivering a new service with a bigger profit margin?

When applying new ways to make quick money don't forget to continue testing new products and services on your market niche as soon as you can manage. Sell what people want and which produces a greater return to you for your efforts. This is why my son took another couple of thousand dollars from his earnings and ploughed them back into the business by providing graffiti scratch removal services for storefront windows.

I bet you didn't know that there was technology available that allows a storefront to remove the graffiti scratches from their $3,000 windows rather than having to replace them. That's OK. I didn't know either. And wouldn't you rather pay $800 to remove the scratch damage than over 4 times that amount to replace the window? But what about my son? He now has a way to work less than 2 hours on a window for $800, while cleaning an entire house full of windows might take him 5 hours for half that amount. What part of his business do you think he wants to expand now?

Upon reviewing the successes from the previous year, my son and I realized the crucial importance that both referrals and his website had in achieving his success. Flyers and a direct mail campaign that he took on his own didn't pan out so well, as some ways to make quick money aren't always the best for a given situation. This is why you must test, test, test what works. Still he was ready to listen a bit more to his old man.

A New Year Means New Ways To Make Quick Money...Or Does It?

"It's a new year. We know referrals and your website work well at driving business for you. Let's grow your customer base, by launching a referral program for your existing customers and a Google Adwords campaign to drive paid traffic to your website, now that you got it well loaded with useful content and testimonials," I told him. "If you have additional funds, we can try a postal campaign to produce visibility for you in the neighborhoods that you wish to target this year. This way you cover more territory without having to take one step outside the house."

Two months before the start of the window cleaning season, immediately after the end of winter, we started working on these campaigns. When it comes to ways to make quick money don't forget never to stop marketing. No matter how small you are, if you ever stop marketing not only will you remain small but you likely will never see the light of another year in business. The customer referral program that my son and I worked on integrated his website to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, allowing his existing customers to make $200 by simply referring 2 new paying customers to my son within 30 days of receiving the referral program invitation.

His customers received the invitation via a postcard in the mail. The postcard had a unique customer code or ID which, if the customer told a friend to reference when calling my son, would lead my son to write a check for $100 to his customer for that referral. The postcard also contained a web address pointing the customer to a personalized page at my son's website, where he gave that individual personal encouragement to send out an email or post an invitation to friends and family via social networks and share the reference.

Any person receiving such a reference via email or through a social network would be driven to another page where my son would describe how special this person was for simply relating to an existing customer of his and why for this reason he was willing not only to live up to his standard 5 promises or the window cleaning job would be free but, on top of it all, he would give the new prospect a discount so long as a purchase of his service were made within a specific deadline.
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And if they hurried he would even throw some extra freebies to make the deal even sweeter! Sweetening the pot is part of these effective ways to make quick money.

Now that he has sent out postcards, instead of walking flyers around from house to house, the moment he's done with a customer's house he leaves a postcard with his customers' neighbors saying:
"I just did your neighbors' windows. Look how bright their place looks! If you're interested in the same, ask your neighbors how happy they are with my work. Then, call me. Let's talk today!"
Do you think he's getting business? You better believe it!

In your ways to make quick money be sure to keep in mind the importance of leveraging everything you got. If you invite a customer to purchase from you, give your customer a way to invite a friend to do the same and reward him for it. Make it easy. Connect your website to social networks. Send traffic from ads to well crafted sales pages containing appealing offers making it hard to say no for those who arrive to your website. Think of it.

If you write good ad copy, then according to LinkedIn's advertising department a decent click-through rate for a good performing paid ad might be anything greater than 0.025%, which means that for every 100,000 pairs of eyes that see your online ad, 25 of them click on it. My son is getting 70 clicks of which 1 in 3 are qualified to become customers. Half of those who qualify, buy from him. His return on his advertising investment is nearly 100%, which means that he pays back what he spent on the ads and then has as much left over as gross profit. He is getting on average 3 calls per day and the 2012 season is barely getting started.

We're now discussing how to create a lead management process to keep him from getting snowed under in the middle of this summer season. It's time to begin planning how to hire help! We estimate he is easily likely to double his annual revenue this year. The goal is to triple it.

How's that for 14 months worth of effort? Is it quick enough for you? Do you think these ways to make quick money worked for him? Could these ways to make quick money work for you? What would you need to know to be sure? Leave your comments below.
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As a small or micro-business, never under estimate any of these ways to make quick money. Quick is a relative term, as I've revealed before. What you need to do is put a plan into action, make adjustments as you go and never give up trying to get ahead. And if you want to know the secret sauce, do as my son has done: rely on a good guide, mentor and supporter. That could make all the difference in the world, if you get the right person to help you.

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