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Insights And Caveats


Generally the mowing season begins Spring and ends the beginning of Fall. April thru early October is what is often quoted as the mowing season in North America.

Usually marketing for lawn care begins in earnest during the early Spring and into Summer. The purpose is to gain enough repeat clients to last you throughout the entire season.

But the Fall and early Winter seasons don't bring a total dearth in cashflow for lawn care businesses. In fact Fall and Winter opens the door for soil preparation, leaf and snow clearing, which can bring in lots of extra cash.

In snow country, in fact, you can seed a lawn by spreading seed on top of the snow. The frost in the snow opens up the soil. Water mixed with the soil, once frosted, produces little holes which seeds can feed into. You cannot treat weeds, however, until the weather warms up. This method of seeding is known as "dormant seeding".

Lawn Care Tips

  • Visit this site to read through a list of tips on ensuring a professionally cut lawn.

  • Repairing a lawn mower can be daunting. Here are a few intuitive videos on how to do some basic self repair on a lawn mower.

  • Knowing the grass types in your area is important. Getting familiar with these grass types and their seasons is beneficial. The more you know about grass, the better you'll become at lawn care.

  • Another important aspect of lawn care is the climate in your area. Grasses depend much on the climate in the areas where they are located. So get familiar with your climate zone.

  • Measure your blade height within the mower deck to ensure a correct cutting height.

  • Don't mow a lawn when it's wet if you can't help it.

    Mowing a wet lawn can be dangerous since the lawn gets slippery. Also you can easily make a nasty looking mess. Rather than a lush, green lawn, you end up with globs of grass clippings strewn throughout the lawn that stain everything they touch.

  • Don't mow a lawn before 9 AM. Common courtesy is to begin mowing no earlier than 9 AM to keep neighbors from annoyance over loud machine noises early in the morning, especially on Saturdays. Some residential communities even forbid mowing before 9 AM.

Nurturing Your Customers

  • Be Friendly – Grouchiness makes for bad business. Imagine having to deal with a disgruntled waiter at a restaurant. It can ruin your dinner. The same happens to your customers if you're unfriendly to them while on the job.

  • Fulfill Commitments – I'm sure you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a person who doesn't follow through on promises. You don't want your clients to feel the same way about you. Make sure you deliver on the quality of work that you promised.

  • Be Honest – Don't be afraid to tell your customers the truth. They will respect you far better for telling the truth, than if you spoke falsely to give them a temporary boost.

  • Communicate Openly – Ask for feedback to eliminate confusion. Express yourself constructively. Enable your clients easily to approach you with any questions or concerns.

  • Make Everything Easy For Your Customer – Your customers are too busy to be asked to do anything you can do. They want things simple and smooth.

  • Listen To Your Customer – Listen to what's not being said. This is a perfect opportunity to learn where you should improve.

  • Pay Your Customers For Their Loyalty – There's nothing like being made to feel you're special. Make your customers feel special by gifting them for allowing you to be of service to them. Send them thank you cards occasionally and gifts on holidays.

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