Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Lawn Care "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Marketing This Baby

  • Business Name

  • Come up with the top 3 lawn care benefits that you promise to deliver to your clients.

    Then use the most important benefit of these 3 to create a catchy name for your business, assuming that you won't call the business by your own personal name.ways to make quick money name tag

    • Create a memorable business card.

      List at the top of the card the most important benefit that your business offers, followed by your personal contact information.


      Enjoy a Weedless Lawn - Guaranteed
      No Weeds No Tears Lawn Care Services
      John Doe, Owner
      Cell: 555-555-5555
      Email: John.Doe.noweedlawn@gmail.com
      1234 Anywhere Street, Any City, State 00000

  • Know Your Target Audience

  • Not knowing who you are serving will lead quickly to wasted resources, confusion, and poor results. Dig down deep into how your target audience is comprised. You won't know how to promote to your audience if you don't know who they are.

    Are your clients property owners or renters? Are they middle class or upper class? Do they have children or pets? Are they located in urban, suburban, or rural areas? Do they have large lawns, gardens or fields full of brush? Do they prefer to do some of the work themselves or do they have money to pay for a variety of lawn care services?

    These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself about your prospective clients. Once you can answer these questions, then you will know who your clients are, where to find them, and how to attract their attention.

  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Make your business unique to your customers. Establish a benefit that sets you apart from your competitors, and is valuable to your target audience.

    • Maybe you're the only "Green" lawn care service in the area. You use only electric or manual tools.

    • Maybe you're the only lawn care service that offers free aerating for repeat clients.

    • Maybe you're the only lawn care service that promises to leave a lawn without any weeds after your visit or the job is free.

    The point is to come up with a benefit that you can provide your customers that they desperately want, and your competitor's aren't providing.

    If you can do this, then just mentioning your benefit to potential clients will make them take notice.

  • Cross Promote Your Business

  • Inform other businesses about your lawn care service. Offer to refer their business to your clients if they refer your business to their clients. cross promotionGood places to look for cross promotional marketing are:

    • Sprinkler system services
    • Garden pond companies
    • Deck builders
    • Pool maintenance and supply companies
    • Aluminum siding companies that install screen porches and lanais
    • Pressure washing services
    • Brush clearing services
    • Tree cutting and removal services
    • Nurseries
    • Pest control companies

  • Get New Clients By Doing Some Free Lawn Mowing

  • Pick a few neighborhoods where you know your target audience resides. Look at the lawns. Are they overgrown? Knock on doors to offer your card, your introductory offer and your service to those who need like they need it.

    Do a few front yards free of charge. This will help build your experience, your references and your client base, because others who see you likely will ask you to do their yards for them.

    You'll have cheapskates who use you and never consider you again. Try to get a referral from them at least. You will meet more folks who find your services valuable than cheaters. Ask them to reference you to their friends and family. Pitch them your service step by step. You may just get a repeat client in someone who calls you for the lawn and calls again for the trimming of hedges.

    After you finish mowing one lawn, knock on a neighbor's door and let him know that you've just finished a neighbor's yard. Tell the prospect what you've noticed that you can improve in his own lawn. Offer him a free sample if things are slow.

    Carry a notepad with you to take down potential customer's names and phone numbers. Give them your phone number and business card.

  • Create Flyers

  • List the most important benefits that your clients receive from your services, and list positive comments about your work from some of your best customers. Mail your flyers to your target audience.

    Or do some canvassing in your target area.

    It's not illegal to pass out flyers. But there are some regulations about passing out flyers in certain places. Check out this brief podcast broadcast by the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) that easily explains these regulations.

  • Start A Blog

  • A blog fits perfectly the constraints of a small business owner. It's cheap. It's easy to setup. It's easy to maintain. blogWith a blog you can quickly post new material daily, which makes your business look alive.

    • Setup an account with WordPress - it's free.

    • Post pictures of your work. Ask your clients if they'd be willing to have their lawns spotlighted on your blog.

      Put before and after pictures of the lawns you've worked at. Give tips and advice on how to maintain a healthy lawn. Make your posts a worthwhile read for your audience.

      Write about the particular challenges of your location: the pests, the dog droppings, the different kinds of grass, the way to manicure certain kinds of lawns, the way to seed the lawn, etc. Speak of what areas you covere. This boosts the likelihood of your blog ranking high on search engines for local searches.

    • Create a post listing your services and fees, and then create a link titled "Services & Fees" on your sidebar that directs readers to your post.

    • Create an "About Me" page.

      Let people know about your business, where you're located and what makes you unique over other lawn care providers.

      Tell people about your style of doing business and how you serve certain clientele.

  • Place Ads On Free Advertising Platforms

  • Post ads on popular advertising platforms. Have the ads point back to your blog to provide viewers with further information about your business.

    Some of the most popular online classified ads are:

    • craigslist.org

    • ebayclassified.com

    • iclassifieds.com

    • upillar.com

    Also it's good to search ads on free advertising platforms. There are clients to be found through online advertising platforms like craigslist. People will post their needs on craigslist in the hope of getting someone to help them out.

  • Setup A Referral Program

  • When you start out, your business will come mainly through word-of-mouth. ways to make quick money word of mouthSo it's important that your business be friendly to word-of-mouth marketing. Reward those clients who refer your service to their friends.

    Ask your clients to refer you business. If you have furnished a valuable service to them, what better time to ask for a referral than when they are content with the service that you've provided.

    Reward clients who refer your business. Give your referring clients special treatment for their referral.

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