Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Lawn Care "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Basic Requirements

  • Level Setting Expectations

  • ways to make quick money why
    Know why you're working in lawn care. Examples:

    • To experience finally the freedom of entrepreneurship

    • To get some exercise that pays off literally

    • To save up enough cash to start another business

    • To build a business that I can use as leverage to get hired at another job

    • To grow a business that will replace my primary source of income

    • To grow a business that will allow me to leave my current employer

    • To grow a business that I can pass on to my kids

    Know the minimum expectations of a lawn care worker:

    • Leave an evenly cut, healthy looking lawn

    • Leave behind no mess

    • Timely and consistent service

    • Competent knowledge on how to maintain a lawn

    • Punctual service

  • Prepare To Practice On Your Own

  • It may seem that mowing a lawn doesn't require much expertise, but getting it to a point where you can complete your work quickly and professionaly does take some practice. Practice gives you the experience to prepare for the demanding situation of working for a paying customer. Plus you'll get a feel for the amount of physical effort it takes to run a lawn care business.

    It's not necessary to spend time practicing but it's a sure way to build up your confidence level. And when you start out it's important that you have the confidence to tell a potential customer that you can handle his lawn care needs.

    Mow Lawns For Your Network Of Connections

    The most favorable reception for your services often come from people who already know you and are willing to help you. Work with this advantage and propose to mow your friends' and family's lawns first for free, then at a discount.

    Look to your neighbors. They'll be a lot easier to ask than a stranger. And if you offer to mow your neighbor's lawn at a discount, it's more likely that they'll say yes.

    Let your friends, family, and neighbors know that if they refer you paying customers, you'll continue to provide lawn mowing discounts in exchange for referals.

  • Know Your Capacity

  • You don't want to tackle a job that you can't complete. Know beforehand what it is that you can handle so that you don't waste your time and money on jobs that aren't profitable.

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • How much time do I want to spend on a single job?

    • What's my budget for equipment?

    • How large of a lawn can I mow in the amount of time I have given myself for a single job?

    • How many lawns can I mow in a single day?

    • How many hours in a day can I spend mowing?

      Consider the physical exertion of mowing lawns. Your whole body is moving continually. You're using your legs, your back, your arms, and exposing yourself to the elements. Also the vibration of the mower is pushing and pulling on your muscles.

      There's no doubt that it does takes considerable energy to care for lawns over an extended period of time. But your body will adjust, if you're consistent, and you will know your full capacity in very short order.

    • How far can I travel before a job becomes unprofitable to me?

    • How much equipment can my car carry?

    Residential Lawn Care Is The Best Starting Point

    For newcomers to lawn care it makes more sense to start out small by working for residential rather than commercial clients. A front yard is easier, less demanding, and faster to complete than a golf course.

      ways to make quick money residential lawn care
    • Homeowners are not as demanding as commercial property owners.

    • Homeowners aren't as likely to instigate bidding wars between lawn care providers over their lawns.

      They'll compare services, but if you can convince them that you are more valuable, they'll usually give you the job on the spot.

      They just want the work done well and without any hassle, on time and for the price agreed upon. They'll pay you cash if you live up to these 3 principle.

    • Commercial properties often require bidding, which can take up your time as you wait for a reply that may not even turn into a job.

    • Commercial accounts will not hire you unless your business is bonded and/or has at least $1 - 2 million liability coverage.

    • Commercial properties can require stronger equipment and more experience to complete the work.

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