Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Lawn Care "Fast Cash" Business

by Alexis J Munoz

If you're looking for ways to make quick money, then starting a lawn care business is a valid option. Lawn care done well is in high demand and overall it's easy to start.

Below is the result of over 80 hours of research summarized for you for free to help you get started in making quick money right now, if you're serious about starting a micro-business that involves getting physical.

Put the information below to work for you now. Don't forget to come back to tell us your experience.

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What You Gain From This Venture

  1. Solo venture - No need for associates
  2. Low learning curve and low barriers to entry
  3. Can be up and running in a week
  4. Earn several hundred dollars a week with the potential to earn thousands a week as the business grows
  5. Easily and quickly expandable to other profitable services
  6. Good exercises, fresh air and sunshine
  7. Can specialize to gain a comparative advantage over competitors

Who This Venture Benefits Most

  • The physically fit
  • The detail-oriented
  • The hard worker
  • The effective communicator
  • The inquisitive type
  • The patient type
  • The amiable type
  • The punctual type
  • The outdoors type

Who Will Succeed

  • Those with a taste for sweat and physical labor
  • Those willing to learn about horticulture
  • Those unafraid to use high powered tools
  • Those diligent in providing high quality work regardless of how tired they may feel
  • Those willing to learn from their mistakes
  • Those with a tendency toward perfectionism
  • Those who are punctual and reliable
  • Those who have a knack for tracking goals and work progress
  • Those willing to work constantly until the change of seasons


Lush, green lawns are a staple of American society. According to the Lawn & Landscape magazine, ways to make quick money in lawn care165,000 sq km, almost 41 million acres, of the United States is covered in turf grass. Consequently turf grass is the United State's biggest irrigated crop.

With such an enormous number of lawns throughout the US, lawn care services are in high demand during the growing season. Thus making lawn care a great micro-business if you're looking for ways to make quick money.

Think about it, almost everywhere you turn you find some area with a lawn – front yards, back yards, parks, schools, fields, and the list goes on. Every year these lawns need to be cut over and over again on a regular basis or they turn into wilderness. Every time they get trimmed, a cash register rings out!

One of the most appealing aspects of a lawn care business is that it's simple to start up, and overall quite simple to maintain. The business model promotes repeat business and can very quickly produce large income on a weekly basis. The opportunity for making quick money by taking care of lawns is huge.

Plus it doesn't take much to expand from lawn mowing to other profitable services that can last throughout the year, which is why lawn care makes it on our list of ways to make quick money.

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