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The car wash industry is seasonal. During the colder and wetter months of the year, people wash their cars less frequently. But that's also when cars get dirtier. People who store their cars in a garage do wash them, though often at a drive-thru facility.

So car washing does not shut down entirely. But demand for services shifts to what is more convenient to the client. One option is to use a dry vapor steamer to wash the car at someone's drive-way or garage during winter. The equipment can be pricey (about $1,000) but it would guarantee work year-round, if you live in a place where winters are harsh.

You will always find people who want to keep their cars in emaculate condition no matter the season. These are the folks you should target during the slower months. Offer them more convenience than a stationary facility might.

Often times car washers will clean cars for car dealers, limousine companies, and rental car services. These business need their cars looking good, no matter what time of the year. There are certain requirements that these business impose on any car washer they hire. Usually a car washer will need to own an insurance policy with at least a $1 million coverage.

Washing Tips

  • Use Unique Cloths While Cleaning

  • Keep your cloths separated depending on their purpose. You don't want to accidentally use a cloth to dry off a car when you just used it to apply tire dressing, or polish a car with a cloth you used to dry the car's tires.

    Designate your cloths based on how you will use them. Some professional car washer use different color cloths to distinguish them from each other.

    Also, don't ever use a cloth or towel that has touched the ground without removing first any debris that may have gotten on it. It'd be terrible to pick a cloth off the ground and begin wiping down your client's car, only to realize that a small rock got stuck in the stitching and scratched up the car.

  • Wash Cars In The Shade

  • Whenever possible wash your client's car in the shade. The sun beating down on a car while it's being washed is disastrous. Unless you're using steam or you have the speed and know-how to keep streaks and water spots from developing while working in the sun, always try to work in the shade.

  • Wash From The Top Down

  • Washing a car from top down will keep you from having to redo work. If you have grime and dirt flow down onto an area that you previously cleaned, you'll have to re-clean the area. So save time when washing a car, do the tires first, which are more labor intensive, then start scrubbing from the roof down toward the bumpers and the side doors.

  • The Two Bucket Technique

  • Professional car washer use the two bucket technique to keep grime and dirt from soiling the car again as they wash it.

    Fill one bucket with clean water. Fill another bucket with soapy water. Always rinse the mitt in the clean water to remove heavy dirt before dipping the mitt in the soapy water to wash the car with. This way you'll always touch the car with a clean mitt. You'll complete the wash faster.

Nurturing Your Customers

  • Be Friendly – Grouchiness makes for bad business. Imagine having to deal with a disgruntled waiter at a restaurant. It can ruin your dinner. The same happens to your customers if you're unfriendly to them while on the job.

    It's not uncommon for customers to step out of their homes or offices to take a look at your work before you're done with their car. Some have a tendency to start complaining about why the windows look bad or why the tires are not shiny, when you're not even done with the work.

    Set their expectations in advance. Tell them what the process will entail and how long they can expect it to take until you're done, and to wait until you are done to make their first and final assessment of your work. This will avoid much hassle for the two of you.

  • Fulfill Commitments – I'm sure you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a person who doesn't follow through on promises. You don't want your clients to feel the same way about you. Make sure you deliver on the quality of work that you promised.

  • Be Honest – Don't be afraid to tell your customers the truth. They will respect you far better for telling the truth, than if you spoke falsely to give them a temporary boost.

  • Communicate Openly – Ask for feedback to eliminate confusion. Express yourself constructively. Enable your clients easily to approach you with any questions or concerns.

  • Make Everything Easy For Your Customer – Your customers are too busy to be asked to do anything you can do. They want things simple and smooth.

  • Listen To Your Customer – Listen to what's not being said. This is a perfect opportunity to learn where you should improve.

  • Pay Your Customers For Their Loyalty – There's nothing like being made to feel you're special. Make your customers feel special by gifting them for allowing you to be of service to them. Send them thank you cards occasionally and gifts on holidays. Speak highly of them in public. Refer business to them. Make them never regret having hired your services.

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