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  • Pricing

  • It isn't that difficult to come up with a basic pricing scheme for your car wash services.key to pricing You really just need to consider three factors when figuring the price to charge for a car wash:

    1. Cost Of Service

    2. How much do you pay to wash your car?

      How much do you spend on cleaning supplies? How much on towels? How much on polish?

      Add up all your costs. Knowing how much you spend to wash your own car gives you a basic understanding of the least amount you should charge to cover your most basic expenses in your area. But there is more to a mobile car wash than that.

      How much will you spend in gasoline? How much in marketing? How much in insurance?

    3. Desired Hourly Rate

    4. How much would you like to earn for the amount of effort and time that you spend washing a car? Do you want to earn $10 an hour, $15, $25? Do you want to charge per car type regardless of time spent washing?

      Ultimately, your decision on the amount that you'd like to earn depends on your perception of what you think your labor is worth. This perception you must validate with your clients.

    5. How Much Your Client Will Pay

    6. As with any business, your client has the final say on pricing, though you have the final word on what you'll do for that price. You're giving away what you value less (labor) for what you value more (money), while the client is giving away what they value less (money) for what they value more (a clean car that someone else can wash for them).

      As you grow more familiar with your client base and the market, you'll be able to judge better how much your clients are willing to pay for certain types of work that you can do for them.

      For beginners, the best method for gauging the amount a client is willing to pay is by looking at your competitor's pricing as a bench mark. But become distinct from your competition so that you can charge different pricing by selling services they do not sell.

    Put these three factors together to figure a pricing scheme for your business.

      Example: You find out that it costs you $3 to wash a single car, and it takes you on average 20 minutes to complete the work.

      You want to earn $30 an hour for your time, which means that you should earn at least $10 for the 20 minutes that you spend working.

      Add together your costs of $3 for the wash, and $10 for your time, and you're looking at a base price of $13 for a car wash.

      Let's say that your local competitors are charging on average $18 for a wash. You now have a $5 margin to play with to compete on price. But if your client finds your services far more valuable than your competitor's services, then it'd be a waste not to charge more than your competitor to deliver your services.


    SUVs, trucks, and large vans usually take longer to wash so consider having an alternative price for these types of cars. Since you have to spend more time to get larger cars washed, then adding a few dollars more to the price is justifiable.

    Car Wash Price Calculator

    Here's a simple calculator to help with establishing a price for a car wash:

    Getting Paid

    Starting out you'll want to be paid primarily in cash. Just let you client's know that you only accept cash payment for now.

    You may have clients who would rather have the convenience of paying you by check rather than with cash.

    Just understand that if you get paid by check and you don't have a business checking account, you will have to ask the client to write the check out to you rather than your business. You shouldn't do this unless you're a sole proprietorship.

    It's also preferable not to risk a bounced check.

  • Track Your Finances

  • Use Outright free online accounting software to track your business' finances, unless you want to start with the granddaddy of all small business accounting packages Quickbooks by Intuit.

    • Outright is a simple to use software for micro businesses that even estimates your federal tax, which comes in handy when paying taxes.

    • It's all online based, which means you don't need to download any software and store your records on your computer.

    • Your data is stored on a secure server, and you can access it from any computer that has internet access.

    • The service is free for the time being, but Outright may decide to begin charging a fee at any time.

    • Once your business is well established, I recommend going with sturdier accounting software like Quickbooks or Quickbooks Pro.

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