Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Car Washing "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Marketing This Baby

  • Business Name

  • Come up with the top 3 benefits that you promise to deliver to your clients.

    Then use the most important benefit of these 3 to create a catchy name for your business, assuming that you won't call the business by your own personal name.ways to make quick money name tag

    • Create a memorable business card.

      List at the top of the card the most important benefit that your business offers, followed by your personal contact information.


      Step out of your office to a washed car
      Speedy Corrales Mobile Auto Wash
      Joey Corrales, Professional Carwash
      Cell: 555-555-5555
      Email: Joey.Corrales.autowash@gmail.com
      1234 Anywhere Street, Any City, State 00000

  • Know Your Target Audience

  • It's important that you learn how your target audience is comprised. Go beyond demographics. Narrow down your ideal clientele to the make of their cars! You won't know how to promote to your audience if you don't know what they drive.

    Once you decide on the service you'll provide, ask yourself what group of people find your service beneficial. Will you be great at vans or SUVs? Do you specialize in commute coupes or luxury sedans? Don't forget your limitations too.

    If you're just starting out by working locally rather than traveling around in a self-sustained car wash vehicle, then marketing to people who you can't reach is a total waste of time.

    Get to know who you can serve nearby and who will want to hire you regularly, then put your effort into marketing to people just like them.

  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

  • Door-to-door service is very unique in itself. But you should still find something unique to offer that your competitors aren't offering, but that your target audience values.

    • Maybe you're a totally "green" mobile car washing business that uses top biodegradable products.

    • Maybe you offer to wash and wax in 20 minutes or the wash is free.

    • Maybe you offer minor maintenance for free with every car wash, such as replacing cosmetic parts or topping off oil, or adding air to tires.

  • Get New Clients By Doing Some Free Car Washes

  • The best way to get new customers if you don't have any to begin with, is to do some complimentary car washes. ways to make quick money free signIf you do a killer job, and the client loves the service, more than likely you'll get business again for pay. But one of the main reasons to wash for free is the visibility you get!

    • Visit places where people tend to spend time.

    • Places like beauty salons, barber shops and side walk restaurants are great locations where to offer some free car washes.

      You get the visibility that you need. Usually one or two people who see your truck sign and watch you working may ask you to wash their car on the spot or to contact them to schedule a time.

      This is an excellent way of building clientele. You'll be able to pass out your business cards.

    • Walk your local neighborhood and knock on doors to offer a free car wash promotion.

    • It's important that you know who you want as client. This way you spend your time walking the correct neighborhoods. For instance, you don't want to walk a neighborhood filled with people who prefer to wash their own cars. They may be extremely grateful to you for the free wash, but they won't call you back in the future to pay for a car wash.

      When you're out knocking on doors, pick days when people are out doing their yards or when there is activity in the street. Bring flyers with you. Knock and say something like this:
      Hi, my name is Joey and this is my card attached to a flyer that introduces you to a free car wash if you need one. I'm in the neighborhood just to introduce myself and my service.

      I'm a mobile carwash, so you can have your car washed any place and any time that you wish, here in front of your house, at your office, if your employer permits it, or even while you shop.

      If you're interested please give me a call in the next 7 days and I'll wash your car for free – a $25 value for nothing! Thank you for your time.

      Do not solicit. Just introduce yourself and your service, then walk away. But be prepared to work right away if asked.

      If you don't have your own source of water and power at first, keep in mind that you'll need to get permission from the car owner to use the home's resources. So make sure to offer a free car wash to people who have an accessible source of water and power. Bring an extension cord long enough to reach your client's car.

      Think about gaining clients inside apartment complexes as word could easily spread among the residents and you could have a solid base of business there, doing more than one car in a single place and in a single day just by showing up to one complex.

    • Setup a free car wash fundraising event for local charities or schools.

    • This option can really boost visibility and good sentiment towards your business. But it can also be risky if you have kids or other people involved in washing the cars. They may not be experienced enough to ensure a good wash, and may even damage cars in the process.

      You don't want your business to be synonomous with, "The car wash that scratched my car!"

    • Setup a free professional hand car wash at a busy gas station or mechanic shop.

    • It may take some work to find a gas station owner or mechanic who will let you use the facility. The likelihood is that you'll have to pay for the space.

      But try to convince the shop owner to include your service in those that he delivers to his clients, and this might secure for you a rather steady stream of income.

      The good thing about washing cars at a gas station is that you'll have water and electricity available to you on site.

    Starting out as a car washer, word of mouth is by far the most important marketing you can get. But to build this type of buzz about your business, you need to be involved with your community. Let people in your community see how well you work and how much you care about the clients that you serve, and they'll spread the word for you.

    • Create A Flyer

    • List the most important benefits that your clients receive from your services, and list positive comments about your work from some of your best customers.

      Next, visit places where you know your target audience congregates. For instance, if you're targeting soccer moms, then posting flyers at grocery stores, park bulletin boards, libraries, and schools could be very rewarding.

      Do some cross promotional marketing with local stores. Offer to promote a local store's business if they do the same for your business.

      Consider visiting auto repair shops, tune up shops, and auto parts stores to ask if they'd be willing to promote your business if you send them business or buy supplies from them.

      Do some canvassing in your target area.

      It's not illegal to pass out flyers. But there are some regulations about passing out flyers in certain places. Check out this brief podcast broadcast by the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) that easily explains these regulations.

    • Start A Blog

    • A blog fits perfectly the constraints of a small business owner. It's cheap. It's easy to setup. It's easy to maintain. ways to make quick money blog signWith a blog you can quickly post new material daily, which makes your business look alive.

      • Setup an account with WordPress - it's free.

      • Post pictures and video of you washing cars. Ask your clients if they'd be willing to have their car spotlighted on your blog.

      • The success of a car washer relies heavily on how a car looks after a wash. So put up a bunch of before and after photos of the cars that you've worked on. Let your readers see your expertise. Write about the techniques and style you use to wash cars.

        Give your readers tips and tricks that they can use to help maintain the look of their cars. Make your posts a worthwhile read for your audience.

        Write about your local work and what areas you serve. This boosts the likelihood of your blog ranking high on search engines for local searches.

      • Create a post listing your services and fees, and then create a link titled "Services & Fees" on your sidebar that directs readers to your post.

      • Create an "About Me" page.

        Let people know about your business, where you're located and what makes you unique over other car washing businesses.

        Tell people about your style of doing business and how you serve certain clientele.

      • Place Ads On Free Advertising Platforms

      • Post ads on popular advertising platforms. Have the ads point back to your blog to provide viewers with further information about your business.

        Some of the most popular online classified ads are:

        • craigslist.org

        • ebayclassified.com

        • iclassifieds.com

        • upillar.com

        Also it's good to search ads on free advertising platforms. There are clients to be found through online advertising platforms like craigslist. People will post their needs on craigslist in the hope of getting someone to help them out.

      • Signage

      • Signage on a car are like mobile billboards. Wherever you go, people will see what you have to offer. If you live in a heavily populated city, you could have thousands of people see your billboard every day.

        This type of marketing can be very effective. There are various types to meet your budget. You could apply magnetic signs to the side of your car to avoid applying permanent graphics to your vehicle or you could install panels.

        A less effective method of advertising would be to place bright, colorful, custom graphics, decals or lettering to your car's windows. But it is better to use as much of the body of your car to display your ad. An expensive alternative is to cover your entire vehicle in a car wrap, where every area of your car represents your company colors, logo, etc.

        Whatever you decide to do to advertise your business using your car, stay within budget and start small.

      • Setup A Referral Program

      • When you start out, your business will come mainly through word-of-mouth. ways to make quick money referral heartSo it's important that your business be friendly to word-of-mouth marketing. Reward those clients who refer your service to their friends.

        Ask your clients to refer you business. If you have furnished a valuable service to them, what better time to ask for a referral than when they are content with the service that you've provided.

        • Reward clients who refer your business. Give your referring clients special treatment for their referral.

        • Do 2-for-1 promotions with your customers. They will find it lucrative to refer your service to their friends, family, etc., if they know that you will wash 2 cars for the price of one.

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