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A mobile car washing business is a car wash on wheels. So the same tools that a car wash uses to function properly will have to be carried around with you wherever work takes you.

One important aspect of a mobile car washing business is the vehicle. Without the right vehicle to carry or haul all your heavy tools, specifically water and electricity, you'll have a limited business.

That's not to say that you can't work as a car washer without a special vehicle to carry all your tools. In fact you don't need a specialized car to start a mobile car washing business.

You can carry basic car washing tools in any kind of car, and do some car washing for local clients who have their own running water and AC power. If you have the energy for it and you plan your route well, you could bike your way around several neighborhoods washing cars, and get the cash to buy a car.

As your business grows, you will expand by getting better tools, including the right kind of vehicle, to carry everything necessary for washing cars on location.

The following are generally necessary items for running a mobile car washing business.

  • Basic Car Washing Tools

  • Whether you start out by washing client's cars using their water and power or you go totally mobile by using a vehicle to carry all your tools, including your own water, you'll need the following items to wash a car professionally:

    • Sheepskin Wash Mitts, Sea Sponge, Micro-fiber Bone Sponge, or Brushes

    • Getting dirt and grime off of a car requires some abrasion, but only enough to remove the debris without scratching or dulling the paint. wash mittWash mitts, micro-fiber sponges, and certain brushes are made specifically for this purpose.

      This is absolutely essential. Whatever cleaning tool you decide to purchase must not scratch your client's car paint.

      ways to make quick money boars hair wash brush
    • Wash Brush With Telescopic Handle (Optional)

    • You may find yourself in a situation where you just can't reach a certain spot on the car to wash it – usually the top of a large car.

      If you have a wash brush with a telescopic handle, you won't have any trouble getting that hard-to-reach spot cleaned.

      This tool may be handy, but it isn't necessary for everyone.

      ways to make quick money tire brushes
    • Tire Brushes

    • Cleaning a tire isn't only scrubbing the rubber, but also involves cleaning the wheel. For this type of work you'll need several different tools.

      You'll need a regular brush to scrub down the tire. Next you'll need a cloth or a softer brush to clean the wheel. Finally you'll likely need a small brush to scrub within cracks and crevices on the wheel - a toothbrush should do fine.

      ways to make quick money car soap
    • Car Wash Soap

    • Picking the right car wash soap is important. You don't want soap that will leave residue. Also, you'll want soap that has a high lubricant so that any debris and grime slides right off the car's paint without scratching it.

      ways to make quick money wash bucket
    • Buckets

    • You'll need at least two buckets to wash a car professionally. They should be big enough to hold a decent amount of water, and also give you room to dunk your tools inside.

    • Fire Hose Nozzle (Optional)

    • If you're cleaning a client's car with their own water and hose, ways to make quick money fire hose nozzleit might be best to use a nozzle that can create a high pressure stream of water. This reduces your effort later in having to scrub down the car.

      A fire hose nozzle can rinse a car faster and more efficiently than a regular nozzle.

      If you decide to purchase a nozzle, be sure that the amount of pressure it produces isn't strong enough to burst a normal garden hose.

    • ways to make quick money micro fiber clothsMicro-Fiber Cloths

    • Micro-fiber cloths are excellent for cleaning multiple surfaces. Having a bunch of these readily available is a good habit to keep.

    • Natural or Sythentic Shammys

    • ways to make quick money shammys Drying a car correctly is important, and a shammy will get the job done well. With it's ability to absorb huge amounts of water, it's a very handy tool for car washing. NOTE: For luxury cars you may need a pricey shammy.

      ways to make quick money spray bottle
    • Spray Bottles

    • Spray bottles are useful tools for applying liquids onto different surfaces.

      For a few bucks you can save yourself the time and effort of applying liquids by hand using a spray bottle.

    • Wheel And Tire Cleaner

    • ways to make quick money wheel and tire cleaner
      Usually wheel cleaners and tire cleaners are purchased separately. That's because some tire cleaners can be used for certain wheels, but may leave stains on others. But you can play it safe by getting a cleaner that works for both tires and wheels. This way you don't have to purchase two different products.

    • Degreaser

    • Since grease and oil play such a huge role in a car's function, having a degreaser available to remove any grease spots or stains will make your life easier.

      ways to make quick money tire dressing
    • Tire Dressing

    • Removing the dirt and brake dust on a car's tires makes a big difference, but applying tire dressing gives the tires a whole new life.

    • ways to make quick money all purpose cleanerAll Purpose Cleaner

    • Save yourself some money by purchasing a good quality all purpose interior cleaner that can clean multiple surfaces like fabric, vinyl, carpet, and leather.

      Also, get a good quality window cleaner. Make sure to get a cleaner that is streak free.

      NOTE: A squeegee will help you finish windows faster.

    • ways to make quick money bug tar remover kitBug, Tar And Road Gunk Remover

    • Not only do bug, tar and road gunk damage a car's paint, but they also makes it look disgusting. But removing this stuff is tough. Thankfully there are products available that make the job easier.

      ways to make quick money extension cord
    • Extension Cord

    • You'll need an extension cord for any electrical devices that you use while cleaning or detailing a car, such as a vacuum cleaner or polisher.

    • Vacuum
    • ways to make quick money car vacuum

      A good wash includes not only exterior but also interior cleaning. To get the inside of car looking acceptable, you'll need a vacuum to suck up all the debris.

      Since you'll have to vacuum small areas and within crevices, consider getting a vacuum with multiple heads that allow you to work in these areas.

    • Receipt Book

    • As a business owner, you'll want to write out receipts to your clients. It's a professional thing to do. You can buy a receipt book for cheap at your local Office Depot.

    • Business Labels

    • Sticking a label to receipts adds a measure of professionlism to your business.

    Purchasing individual items on a frequent basis can be expensive. If you plan on growing your clientele it's far better to buy items in bulk. It will save you money in the long run.

  • Self-Sustained Mobile Car Washing Heavy Equipment

  • If you want to go all-out to become a mobile car washer, you'll need some very specific tools. These tools are by far the most expensive part of the business, but they'll provide you with the means to run a totally mobile business:

    • Sizeable Vehicle

    • You've got a couple of options here for getting a decent vehicle when ready for that decision. Many car washers lease a van to carry all their equipment. Leasing spreads the cost of a vehicle white vanover several months rather than spending a hunk of cash to purchase one upfront.

      Check out this article to get some more information on leasing a work van or truck.

      Then there's the option of purchasing a trailer for your current car to carry the equipment. In this case, you'll need a car strong enough to haul the trailer.

      There are several places that sell trailers already fitted for a mobile car washing business. You can get a view of several different trailers here.

    • Water Tank

    • ways to make quick money water tank
      In order to have water available to you no matter where you are, you'll need to carry your own water supply. This means you need a water tank. A 90 to 100-gallon tank is more than sufficient for beginners. You may not have to get such a large tank. Base your purchase on the amount of water you use each day.

    • Pressure Washer with Spray Wand and Industrial Hose

    • With a pressure washer you won't ever have to use your client's water hose. As long as you have a pressure washer and water, you'll be able to wash down a car no matter where you are. pressure washer

      In order to have a functional pressure washer, you'll need a strong hose to handle the high water pressure, and a spray wand to direct the water and turn the hose on and off.

      Also, your pressure washer must be able to draw water from a static source, in this case a water tank, otherwise it won't work.

    • Generator

    • ways to make quick money generator
      Electrical tools like a vacuum or buffer are useless without electricity, so you'll need a small generator.

    • Extra Gasoline
    • ways to make quick money gasoline

      Most generators and pressure washers run on gasoline, which makes it important to have extra gasoline with you at all times. A 5-gallon jug of gasoline is sufficient backup.

    All this sounds complicated, which is why certain companies have put together packages to make it easier for mobile car washers to setup their equipment.

    These packages are called "skids". These skids come with the water tank, pressure washer, and generator ready to be slid into a van or truck for immediate use.

    Visit this site to check out what a skid looks like.

  • Auto Detailing Tools

  • Detailing isn't as straightforward as washing a car. It's a specialized service. Tools for detailing can be costly, but a single job can bring in several hundred dollars. Below are the most prominent items used in detailing:

    • Rubbing Compounds

    • Car Polish

    • Car Wax

    • Wax Applicators

    • Clay Bar

    • Buff Pads

    • Waffle Pads

    • Rotary Buffer

    • Carpet Shampoo & Brushes

    • Detail Brush

    • Basic Hand Tools (Screwdrivers, wrench, etc)

    • Disposable Gloves

    Auto detailing is an advanced aspect of maintaining the look of a car, and it's beyond the scope of this car washing venture. However, there are several companies that offer in depth online and hands-on courses that you can take to learn auto detailing. Here are some of the most popular providers:

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