Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Car Washing "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Basic Requirements

  • Level Setting Expectations

  • Know why you're working as a car washer. Examples:

    ways to make quick money expectations
    • To be voted the best car washing business in my city by the Better Business Bureau

    • To grow a business that will replace my current primary source of income

    • To have an extra source of income that helps pay my monthly expenses

    • To be my own boss and enjoy the freedom of owning my own business

    • To build a business that I can use as leverage to get hired at another job

    • To grow a business that I can eventually pass on to my kids

    • To build a business that I can use to employ my friends and family

    • To get a foot in the door to launch a car detailing or body shop business

    Know the minimum expectations of a car washer:

    • Leave the exterior of the car gleaming

    • Leave the interior of the car pristine

    • Leave no new scratch or stain anywhere in the car

    • Be thorough in your work

    • Be friendly and service-oriented

    • Be punctual and conscious of other people's time

    • Be ready to request the same punctuality and conscientiousness from your clients

  • Prepare To Practice On Your Own Vehicles

  • Training is essential. Don't wash and detail a car without some knowledge of the products and techniques that you can use to produce the results that will mark you as a professional.

    Some products may not work well with certain cars, and may even damage them. So start with learning the basics from a local practitioner.

    Washing and even detailing a car are easy tasks. This is not rocket science. But if you fail to learn what is involved, then no matter how simple this knowledge may have been to understand, in the end you will create bigger problems for yourself than if you had looked for it to begin with.

    Avoid the problem of ignorance, which makes for unhappy clients. Unhappy clients don't become repeat customers. This online guide that you're reading will help you avoid most basic problems.

    Get a little practice on your own cars or that of friends and family before you go out and try to make a business of washing cars. But you can also do the following.

    Work For No More Than 2 Weeks At An Auto Detail Shop

    Auto detail shops do everything in the book. They wash. They buff. They polish. They wax. They vacuum. They shampoo. They steam clean. They remove scratches. They repaint. They repair chipped windshields. They do just about anything to make a car look like new.

    Detail shops have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit anyone who is looking to start a car washing service.

    ways to make quick money car detailing In 1 to 2 weeks in an environment like this, you will gain a sound base of knowledge on which to build your own car washing business.

    The trick, of course, is getting that job at the detail shop.

    Your best bet is to volunteer your services.

    Be upfront about it. Tell the manager or owner that you don't know whether car detailing is for you. But you want to learn the business and you're willing to give him free labor in exchange for the opportunity to watch professionals at work.

    You don't have to be involved in the washing and detailing process, if the manager doesn't want you there. But you could just do odd jobs at the shop and observe what products they use and how they apply them.

    So long as you are being useful and not a nuisance or a distraction, you can get the opportunity to watch and learn from the professionals. This is valuable experience that will give you strong confidence. It will speed up your business launch.

    While you're working at the shop, be sure to ask lots of questions, take notes and learn the techniques and tools used in use most often.

    Also, it makes sense to volunteer at shops that will not consider you local competitor, even though the shop model is so distinct from the mobile car washing model.

    Practice Washing Cars For People You Know Who Can Recommend You

    You won't get a more favorable reception for your services than from people who already know you and are willing to help you. Work with this advantage and offer to clean your friends and family's cars first for free, then at a discount.

    Tell your relatives and friends that if they find you referrals, you will continue to wash their car for free if the referrals buy services from you.

    Next go ask your neighbors if they'd be willing to have their cars washed. Obviously pick the ones whose cars are already looking like a blight to the neighborhood. You'll be surprised how many yeses you will receive, if you offer to wash the car for free but charge only a few dollars for wax.

    After you've finished work and your neighbor is happy, ask if you can use them as a reference for your new business. Don't waste the chance to ask if you can come again to wash their car in the near future.

    Leave your happy neighbors 3 cards each, so that they can call you and have 2 others call you. Then say, "If 2 others calls me and tell me that you referred them to me and 1 of them hires my services, then I'll do your car again at a discount as I did today."


      While developing your car washing skills, create a step-by-step process for your work. A step-by-step process will help you discover where to cut any time or effort that you waste redoing your work.

      Documenting this process as a check list will help you reduce the possibility of forgetting to clean certain parts of the car because those steps slipped your mind on the spur of the moment.

    Learn By Example

    Even though hands-on experience is a great learning tool, it doesn't disqualify learning through remote instruction.

    So here is a bunch of quite competent instructional videos that describe all the practical techniques for washing and detailing cars.

    • Washing And Detailing A Car Like A Pro For Beginners

    • A Professional Mobile Car Washer In Action

    • Video Series On Detailing A Car

    • Washing And Detailing A Car For $8,000!

    • This mobile car washer cleans cars for $8,000 a job, but the steps and methods he uses are pretty standard for all cars. Check out this master at work and learn what you can also aim for!

  • Know Your Capacity

  • Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Should I offer detailing as well as car washing services?

    • Can I handle detailing a car?

    • What services am I confident or experienced enough to handle?

    • Do I have the cash to convert my car into a mobile car wash unit, or will I have to work locally at an establishment that has its own running water and AC power?

    • How many cars can I wash in a day? Will I have the strength to keep that up daily?

    • How long am I willing to spend washing cars everyday?

    • How far am I willing to travel to serve a client?

    • What locations am I willing to work in?
      • – Residential neighborhoods?
        – Industrial parks?
        – Shopping areas?
        – Car lots?

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