Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Car Washing "Fast Cash" Business

by Alexis J Munoz

There are many ways to make quick money servicing cars. But washing cars is the fastest way!

Below is the result of over 80 hours of research summarized for you for free to help you get started in making quick money right now, if you're serious about starting a micro-business that involves getting physical.

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What You Gain From This Venture

  1. Earn hundreds a day only working on a handful of cars
  2. Face significantly smaller startup costs compared to opening up a shop
  3. Quick and easy learning curve
  4. High growth potential through specialization
  5. Regular repeat business after acquiring several clients
  6. Foot in the door for starting a car detailing or body shop

Who This Venture Benefits Most

  • The outdoors roamer
  • The hands-on champion
  • The detail-focused compulsive
  • The steady-eddy
  • The quick learner
  • The physically fit
  • The go-getter type

Who Will Succeed

  • Those with a taste for sweat and physical labor
  • Those with some interest in automotive care
  • Those diligent in providing high quality work regardless of how tired they may feel
  • Those willing to learn from their mistakes
  • Those with a tendency toward perfectionism
  • Those who are punctual and reliable
  • Those who have a knack for tracking goals and work progress
  • Those willing to work constantly until the change of seasons


The United States has over 137 million passenger cars. Cars are a huge part of the American way of life. So most of us won't let layers of dirt and grime grow on our car during the year. We either take the time to wash our own car, or we pay someone to wash it for us.

Grime gets everywhere. People love the feeling of driving a new car. The closest they can come to that is by paying someone to keep their vehicles crystal clean on a regular basis. This explains an industry worth over $22 billion, supporting over 75,000 car washers and employing over 625,000 people according to the International Car Wash Association.

ways to make quick money car washing Although there are different types of car washing services out there, they can't all be categorized as ways to make quick money.

Conventional car washing businesses take a lot of cash to start. There is equipment to buy. There are employees to keep. They have high overhead costs. Often they take months to get off the ground. They may even require special licensing because of the chemicals that they use.

But there's one type of car washing service that a person can start quickly without much headache. With it you too can tap into the massive $22 billion car wash industry. The service doesn't require a huge capital investment, lots of time, employees or special licensing.

What could this unique service be?

Among the ways to make quick money it is one of the best business models. It is the mobile car washing business.

When it comes to ways to make quick money, mobile car washing steals the cake in the car wash industry. The key to the success behind a mobile car washing business is the degree of personal care involved in delivering the service to your client.

As the owner of a mobile car washing business you take your whole business with you to the client. The client gets service to his door. You wash the car whenever and wherever is most convenient for your client. That could be at his drive way, outside his office or even at a parking lot while the client is making errands.

Clients don't have to worry about driving to a car wash location. They need not deal with traffic, crowds or a long line of cars waiting to run through a machine. They need not worry about getting bumped, scratched or damaged. Think of the time that this saves them and the risks that this personal service eliminates for them!

Mobile car washing grows in popularity because these great benefits cannot be topped by car washing shops. However, a mobile car wash entrepreneur can earn a premium for this door-to-door service delivery, amassing quicker earnings in an industry that is not going away any time soon.

If you're looking for ways to make quick money, take a peek at what a mobile car washing business has to offer by reading through this free guide.

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