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Additional Resources and Final Comments

  • The Food Network Channel - This site is filled with exceptional insights from professional chefs who share their expertise with a wide array of audiences every day, and also give away their greatest recipes for free.

  • Here's a list of some of the better shows to watch from some great chefs:

    • "Good Eats" - Alton Brown gives excellent and amusing explanations on the science of cooking as well as provides awesome tasting recipes. He covers the gamut from rules for cooking Porterhouse, grilling chicken and creating a crispy artisan wood pizza on the grill to tempura, tacos, bouillabaisse and lasagna. Don't forget dessert -- meringue, bread and banana pudding and more! It's one of Good Eats most popular seasons (click to check current price at Amazon.com).

    • Paula Deen - In the tradition of home-made, Paula offers recipes that brings Southern hospitality to life. One of her most popular books dispelling the notion that Southern cooking is fat cooking shares 250 lightened up recipes from the Good Ole South (click to check current price at Amazon.com).

    • "30 Minute Meals" – Rachel Ray is best known for showing off tricks on how to cook meals quickly. If you're just starting out and need to gain a little confidence, she's a great start, especially with her Look + Cook approach of showing you what each stage of a quick meal preparation should look like with big photos (click to check current price at Amazon.com).

    • Emeril Live!/Emeril Green/Essence of Emeril – Emeril has a knack for blending special spices to make unique tasting meals. He offers terrific insights on very tasty recipes you need to learn secrets for. Think: Gumbo, Fall River Chow Mein, House-Smoke Salmon Cheesecake with Parmesan-Panko Crust and Chieve Creme Fraiche. Now where else will you find it all revealed to you if not from master chef Emeril Lagassee who loves to teach? (Click to check current price at Amazon.com)

    • Yang Can Cook – Martin Yang is a very entertaining San Francisco chef specializing in Chinese food and with a following stretching half way around the world. His Asian insight comes through in his 200 Traditional Recipies from 11 Chinatowns Around the World (click to check current price at Amazon.com).

    • The Frugal Gourmet – Jeff Smith was known as a food genius in the industry. The Seattle Times said of him that he knew more about food and culture than anybody in the food world. He authored a dozen cookbooks and had an extremely popular cooking show in the 80s and 90s. His "Recipes You Should Have Gotten From Your Grandmother" and his even more popular "The Frugal Gourmet Cooks Three Ancient Cuisines: China, Greece, and Rome" (click to check current price at Amazon.com) will leave you empowered as a cook and enlightened about what you're cooking, able to impress your clients with how much a part of history you're preparing for them to enjoy at the table.

  • The French Chef with Julia Child Show

    Among the great chefs of America, Julia Child is considered the most influential.

    Her show is filled with excellent tips for cooking French food, which is considered one of the most difficult foods to prepare.

    Check it out to get some insightful and helpful information on cooking. You may be able to find her show on DVD at your local library, or you might be able to find some clips online for free. Else you can click to check current price at Amazon.com for Julia Child episodes sold separately or seasons from her classic 10-year career as one of America's first TV celebrity chefs.

    Otherwise you can always get a copy of The French Chef with Julia Child from Amazon (click to check current price at Amazon.com).

  • Great Chefs TV YouTube Channel

    In the 90's PBS aired a program called Great Chefs of New Orleans. Great Chefs of San Francisco and Great Chefs Great Cities was later added. The program featured famous chefs from around the world showing off their cooking.

    You'll find this YouTube channel filled with hundreds of videos from the program.

  • Cooking Guide YouTube Channel

    This YouTube channel has a large variety of videos on cooking. They are short and provide some good cooking tips.

  • Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1 (click to check current price at Amazon.com)

    Julia Child co-authored this cookbook, which became a staple cookbook among American households. Julia Child is a great example of someone who started with no experience or knowledge of cooking, but after taking French cooking lessons became one of the most prominent French food chefs in the world. This book has great recipes and excellent tips on how to cook.

  • The Joy of Cooking Cookbook (click to check current price at Amazon.com)

    The 75th anniversary edition, is by far the best version of this cookbook. You'll find tons of recipes, and great fundamental techniques to help you get started.

  • Cooking Magazines

    These magazines not only have great recipes, they are like mini-booklets to help you pick up new cooking tips, techniques and recipes.

  • Online Resources

    • The Joy Kitchen - This website is based off of the book "Joy of Cooking". It has lots of recipes, tips, books and a blog.

    • Cook-A-Doodle-Do - This is a website owned by a personal chef in Pennsylvania. Check out how she presents herself.

    • Chef Debby - This website is owned by another personal chef, her site is more professional looking. You'll get an idea of how a very experienced chef presents herself.

  • When you're ready to file a DBA (Doing Business As) to start your personal chef business under an assumed name, go here.

  • When you're ready to start using a very user-friendly service for designing your own business cards, flyers, and even t-shirts at extremely low prices, with lightening fast shipment go here.

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