Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Personal Chef "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Marketing This Baby

  • Business Name

    Come up with the top 3 benefits that you promise to deliver to your clients.

  • Then use the most important benefit of these 3 to create a catchy name for your business, assuming that you won't call the business by your own personal name.ways to make quick money name tag

    • Create a memorable business card.

      List at the top of the card the most important benefit that your business offers, followed by your personal contact information.


      No More Fast Food After Rush Hour
      Your Kitchen Fresh Personal Chef Services
      Jane Doe, Chef
      Thai and Middle Eastern Cuisine Specialty
      Cell: 555-555-5555
      Email: John.Doe.mealsathome@gmail.com
      1234 Anywhere Street, Any City, State 00000

  • Know Your Target Audience

      It's important that you learn how your target audience is comprised. You won't know how to promote to your audience if you don't know who they are.

      So ask yourself who you want as your clients. Here are some folks that may find your services valuable:

      • People with special diets or food allergies

        These folks may want to eat a variety of meals while still living within their diet, but they just can't find the time to do the cooking themselves, or they don't know how to prepare the food.

      • Disabled or elderly individuals

      • Due to physical limitations yet a desire to remain independent the elderly and disable may need someone to help them prepare some meals.

      • Overworked businesspeople

        With the economy in a tough state, couples are spending more time working and trying to make ends meet. As a result these folks come home overwhelmed and don't have much time to do any cooking. But they still want to eat a well-prepared meal without having to buy take-out or spend time at a restaurant after a long day at work.

      • Tired working moms

        With several hungry mouths to feed after coming home from work, a mom may find it too hard to step into the kitchen to prepare food. But she realizes the need to have a good and healthy meal available for her family to eat.

      • College students who rent a place

        College students who have the money to rent a place of their own may find it more economical to eat meals at home rather than eat out. But they may dislike or lack the skill to cook.

      • People hosting small or large parties or events

        There are many people out there who enjoy throwing parties or hosting events at their house. Whether it's a holiday party, a ladies' tea party, a luncheon or just a family get-together, there will always be a need for food, and they would not mind having the food prepared at their own house.

      • Special occasions

        You may have some folks who are interested in hiring your services to give as a gift to their friends or family. People often give gifts for:

        • New Baby

        • House Warming

        • Clients/Employees

        • Home From The Hospital

        • Easter/Thanksgiving/Christmas

        • Birthday/Mother's Day/Father's Day

        • Anniversary

  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

      Find something unique to offer that your competitors aren't offering, but your target audience values.

      • Maybe you specialize only in preparing meals for diabetics who are on an Atkins diet.

      • Maybe you cook only for vegetarians or vegans.

      • Maybe you specialize in French gourmet dinners and desserts.

      • Maybe you're the only personal chef who not only cooks for parties and events, but also decorates the client's house according to the event theme.

      • Maybe you know how to decorate cakes or specialize in an assortment of hors d'oeuvres.

      • Maybe on top of cooking meals for your clients, you also teach them how to cook so that they can eventually do the cooking on their own.

  • Start A Blog

      A blog fits perfectly the constraints of a small business owner. It's cheap. It's easy to setup. It's easy to maintain. With a blog you can quickly post new material daily, which makes your business look alive.

      • Setup an account with WordPress - it's free.

      • Post pictures and video of you cooking meals. Try to get good lighting so you can make the food look appetizing.

      • Write short posts about your cooking techniques, the meals that you are preparing for your clients currently, or the meals you have done in the past.

      • Inquire about recipes. Visit other food blogs and leave informative and interesting comments. Try other people's recipes and leave a comment on how your cooking turned out.

      • Start building a reputation on these blogs as an avid food connoisseur.

      • Create a post listing your services and fees, and then create a link titled "Services & Fees" on your sidebar that directs readers to your post.

      • Create an "About Me" page. As a personal chef, it is you and your special service that you are selling, not the food. Make yourself stand out by your style and client service.

      • Let people know what it is that makes your service better than other personal chefs. Tell people about any distinct experience or knowledge that you may have developed in cooking for certain clientele.

  • Create A Flyer

      List the most important benefits that your clients receive from your services, and list positive comments about your work from some of your best customers.

      Next visit places where you know your target audience congregates. For instance, if you're targeting dieters, then leave flyers at gyms, yoga studios, or health food stores.

      Do some cross promotional marketing with local stores. Offer to promote a local store's business if they do the same for your business. Setup a referral program with them to provide greater incentive to promote your business.

      Do some canvassing in your target area.

      It's not illegal to pass out flyers. But there are some regulations about passing out flyers in certain places. Check out this brief podcast broadcast by the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) that easily explains these regulations.

  • Place Ads On Free Advertising Platforms

      Post ads on popular advertising platforms. Have the ads point back to your blog to provide viewers with further information about your business.

      Some of the most popular online classified ads are:

      • craigslist.org

      • ebayclassified.com

      • upillar.com

      Also it's good to search ads on free advertising platforms. There are clients to be found through online advertising platforms like craigslist. People will post their needs on craigslist in the hope of getting someone to help them out.

  • Take Part In Community Events

      Get the word out about your business by getting involved in community events. You'll have lots of opportunity to meet people and explain your business.

      Use a commercial kitchen from a local church, bakery or caterer and prepare some of your best recipes. Setup a table at the event and hand out samples of your meals to passersby. Be sure to bring along lots of business cards.

      Keep in touch with what's going on in your neighborhood. Are there any block parties, potlucks, holiday parties, or celebrations going on? Pass the word around regarding your services.

  • Setup A Referral Program

      When you start out, your business will come mainly through word-of-mouth. So it's important that your business be ready to take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Reward those clients who refer your service to their friends.

      Ask your clients to refer your business. If you have furnished a valuable service to them, what better time to ask for a referral than when they are content with the service you've provided.

      • Compensate clients who refer your business. Give your referring clients free meals, cooking lessons or have them earn points toward a big bash. Treat them like wealthy patrons. They will find it valuable to refer your service to their friends, family or anyone they want to impress.

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