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Startup Equipment

Personal chefs often use their client's cooking tools to prepare meals. There's no reason why you shouldn't do the same.

Since your clients will be providing most of the cooking appliances and tools, there's not much you'll need to purchase to get started. Just keep two things in mind:

  1. Your client may have some but not all the tools you need to get the job done

  2. It's easier to bring your own cooking tools to a job because they're familiar to you

It is perfectly legal to bring your own equipment, so begin to save up in order to purchase better equipment that will help you cook comfortably and speedily.

Essential Cooking Tools

Although most of your tools can be supplied by your client, there are some tools that you should carry always with you. Obviously if you already own them, then you don't have to buy them:
recipetips.com liquid measurement
ways to make quick money measuring dry ingredients

  • A set of measuring cups for liquid ingredients

  • A set of measuring cups for dry ingredients

  • Two sets of measuring spoons

  • bladehq.com kitchen knives
  • A timer (preferably one with multiple built-in timers)

  • ways to make quick money saucepan
  • A paring knife, a chef knife and a trimmer knife

  • A 12-inch non-stick skillet (with lid)

  • A medium sized saucepan

  • ways to make quick money food containersways to make quick money freezer labels
  • An apron or smock and head covering/hair net

  • Zip-lock bags and storage containers

  • Freezer labels

  • binbin.net storage containersfirst aid kit
  • A receipt book with personal business labels

  • Two storage bins to carry all your cooking tools

  • Small first aid kit

Basic Cooking Tools

The following are basic but not absolutely necessary tools for cooking. Some of these items are very likely to be found in your client's kitchen. Even still, you can probably cook a meal without them. It just takes more effort, ingenuity and time:
ways to make quick money hard spatula ways to make quick money cookie sheetsways to make quick money large pot

  • A hard spatula

  • A flexible spatula

  • Two cookie sheets

  • Two cutting boards

  • A large pot

  • ladle tongsbasting brush
  • A large metal spoon

  • A ladle

  • A large wooden spoon

  • A tong

  • A basting brush

  • ways to make quick money colander strainer ways to make quick money whiskways to make quick money peeler
  • A baster

  • A slotted spoon

  • A wire whisk

  • A potato masher

  • A colander/strainer

  • baster ways to make quick money slotted spoonways to make quick money can opener
  • A grater

  • A peeler

  • A small food processor

  • A wine corkscrew

  • ways to make quick money food scaleways to make quick money corkscrew ways to make quick money grater
  • A can opener

  • A scale

  • An electric hand mixer

  • A hand-held fan for cooling food before freezing

  • Wipes, paper towels and sponge

  • ways to make quick money sanitization wipesways to make quick money matchesways to make quick money food handling gloves
  • Permanent marker

  • Matches

  • Food handling gloves

Pantry Items

As a chef you'll be mixing quite a few small ingredients to prepare your meals. It's important to have these items handy in the event that your client runs out or doesn't own any to begin with.

Below is a list of items that tend to be basic ingredients for many types of dishes. Only bring what you know you will need according to the recipes you are using. This list will grow and change as your menu increases:wines ways to make quick money cooking oils

  • White and red wine

  • Vinegar

  • Vegetable and olive oil

  • Chicken/beef bouillon

  • Flour and sugar (brown and granulated)

  • ways to make quick money flour and sugar ways to make quick money worcestershire sauce
  • Soy sauce

  • Worcestershire sauce

  • Bread crumbs

  • Cornstarch

  • Baking soda
    ways to make quick money baking powder ways to make quick money rice
  • Baking powder

  • Tomato paste and sauce

  • White and brown rice

  • Variety of pastas

  • Tabasco sauce

  • ways to make quick money spices and herbsways to make quick money vanilla extract
  • Vanilla extract

  • Honey

  • Salt and pepper

  • Herbs and Spices - bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, paprika, garlic/onion powder, seasoning salt, nutmeg and cinnamon

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