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A Personal Chef"Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Basic Requirements

Level Setting Expectations

  • Know why you're working as a personal chef. Examples:

  • ways to make quick money why
    • To help feed those who are too tired or overwhelmed to cook a decent meal for themselves

    • To prepare healthy, homemade meals for others

    • To make cash by cooking without the difficulties of owning a restaurant or catering business

    • To be my own boss and have the freedom that comes with owning my own business

  • Know the minimum expectations of a personal chef:

    • Be able to cook delicious and nutritious meals

    • Know how to change recipes to accommodate diets and food allergies

    • Know how to properly freeze food

    • Have a collection of delectable recipes

    Prepare To Practice On Your Own

    To gain confidence as a personal chef, it's important to practice cooking to perfect your technique and recipes. Also you'll need to spend time learning from professionals and putting to practice what they preach. Here are some useful tips on how to go about practicing your cooking:

      Practice Your Cooking With Professional Recipes

      Grab Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and set a plan to cook 1 meal from that cookbook everyday for 1 week.www.bfeedme.com cookbook clipart

      By the end of the week, you'll get a good understanding of what it takes to cook a professional meal.

      According to Julia Child, if you can cook French food you can cook any food. So get some practice cooking French food to really heighten your cooking abilities.

      You'll realize that by practicing your cooking, your skill in mixing spices to create the right flavors, and using your cooking tools effectively will improve.

      Don't forget to time yourself. This will help you to keep track of your speed and progress, as well as determine how many meals you can cook in a day.

      As you test recipes ask yourself several questions:

      • Did it take me as much time as I expected to cook this meal?

      • Did it take me as much time as the recipe estimated?

      • Are the ingredients difficult to purchase?

      • Is this meal easy to freeze?


      • As you begin to test recipes, take your best recipes and store them in your own personal chef catalogue binder, where you can keep them in good order.

      • Also with each recipe, write out a step-by-step process for preparing the dish. Identify what you did and when you did it.

        For example, if a recipe calls for chopped nuts, specify the step in your process where you chopped the nuts. Not only does this help with preparing the dish again in the future, but it will also help you memorize the recipe.

      • Before you begin cooking, set aside all the tools and ingredients you'll be using. This will save you time searching for items.

      Practice With Family And Friends

      Once you are confident that you have good basic cooking skills and have mastered a few recipes, visit with your friends and family, even neighbors, and ask to cook them a meal.

      Tell them:

      "I'm trying to learn how to become a personal chef. I've discovered there's money to be made if I do this right. Would you mind if I make a free dinner for you? If you like the meal, could I use you as a reference?"

      Throw A Party

      Throwing a "personal chef discovery party" is an excellent way to promote yourself, practice your cooking techniques for a large group, and get referrals. www.life123.com food partyInvite family and friends to join you as you "debut" your new cooking talent. Have a large spread of your best dishes laid out.

      Ask for opinions on the dishes.

      • Get several Postit pads of different colors and scatter them on the table.

      • Ask guests to use the pads to tell you which dishes they favored?

      • Ask them to write which dishes they didn't favor and why?

      • Have them stick the posts on your fridge. Make it fun!

      If your food is a hit, try to gain some clients by offering your services to the guests, and ask them to refer your services.

      Give them an incentive to spread the word by offering a discount or free dish for every new customer they bring to you.

      Example: For every new referral, you deliver a special dish or dessert with your next meal for free, or hand them a gift certificate for 1 free meal to hand to another friend.

      Ensure that people are able to contact you directly. Have business cards that you can pass out to your friends and family, so they can pass them on to their network.

    Know Your Capacity

    Ask yourself the following questions:

    • How many clients can I handle in a day?

    • How many meals can I cook in a day?

    • How many servings can I make for every meal?

    • If I were cooking a meal for a large evening party, how large a party could I serve? 15 people? 30 people? 50? 100?

    • How far am I willing to drive to cook meals?

    • What kind of people am I willing to cook for? Yuppies? Boomers? Adult families? Singles? Elderly? Children?

    • What kind of meals and styles do I want to specialize in preparing? School brunches? Breakfasts? Romantic suppers? Chinese? Indian? Tex-Mex? Vegan? No gluten? High Carb?

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