Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Personal Chef "Fast Cash" Business

by Priscilla D Munoz

There are many ways to make quick money using your culinary creativity. Below is the result of over 80 hours of research summarized for you for free to help you get started in making quick money right now, if you're serious about starting this kind of micro-business.

The information below will work for you immediately.

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What You Gain From This Venture

  1. Own a solo venture - No associates required
  2. Earn over $1,000 a week with only a few clients
  3. Regular repeat business if you market yourself well
  4. High growth potential
  5. Low startup costs
  6. Flexible schedule, once you have established a reliable clientele

Who This Venture Benefits Most

  • The cooking aficionado
  • The effective communicator
  • The amiable type
  • The charitable type
  • The sociable type
  • The go-getter type
  • The hands-on type

Who Will Succeed

  • Those with a soft spot for cooking and learning new recipes
  • Those comfortable in a stranger's house
  • Those with passion and devotion to providing high quality and nutritious meals
  • Those who understand basic dietary requirements and food allergies
  • Those disciplined to get up in the wee hours of the morning to begin work
  • Those able to be on their feet for several hours a day
  • Those able to drive
  • Those able to stay cool under pressure
  • Those who are honest, reliable and punctual in tracking time and work progress


Not a day goes by when people stop eating. This is why the food industry is number one in the world. There are hundreds of ways to make quick money with food, and within the last 20 years the personal chef market has proven to be one of the most lucrative.

For decades millions of mothers have entered Corporate America in mass. They've come home after work too tired to put together a nutritious and balanced meal for their families. So fast food, TV dinners and restaurant take-out became the main options.ways to make quick money personal chef But moms soon came to realize the disadvantage of these unhealthy meals, and they went looking for alternatives.

Quality and nutrition suffered. Cooking skills have all but disappeared. Suddenly personal chefs became a necessity.

Word has spread. Thousands of busy singles, disabled persons, dieters and moms with no time to cook or who now just hate the idea of cooking started to look at personal chef services as an answer to their prayers.

As a result, since the 90's personal chefs have become highly sought. Among various ways to make quick money, cooking for busy, finicky people ranks high.

If you're looking for ways to make quick money by catering or cooking for a living, then the personal chef business model beats catering or setting up any kind of an eatery hands down.

Personal chefs cook meals at a customer's home. They use the customer's cooking utensils and appliances. The customer pays for all the groceries. All startup costs are well covered while profits are high.

For the most part competition is low, because most chefs initially try to start a restaurant rather than go solo cooking at their client's homes.

Therefore, a personal chef service is an excellent way to make money for anyone who has a heart for cooking, yet not much experience or capital to start a restaurant or catering business. And it's a great stepping stone into those kinds of businesses.

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