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Insights And Caveats

Type Of Collars

  • Gentle Leader – Consider using a gentle leader collar for dog walking any canine that has a tendency to pull at the leash.

    It's a very handy tool to painlessly encourage a dog not to pull, tug, or lead its walker. The collar applies pressure to certain parts of the dog's head when the dog tries to pull on the leash, but it will not choke or gag the dog like neck collars might. The collar is meant to gently mimic the way a pack leader asserts it's dominance.

  • One drawback is that it may take a considerable amount of time for the dog to get used to the collar.

  • Halti – Similar in many ways to the gentle leader is the halti collar. The halti differs, however, in that it is designed similar to a harness for a horse. The collar sits on the dog's head so that when the dog pulls away, the collar softly forces the dog's head to the side, stopping the dog in its tracks.

    The halti collar is an excellent tool for letting dogs self-correct their pulling tendency. As the dog pulls more and more, the collar tightens and keeps the dog from moving ahead or pulling its walker forward without jerking, yanking or pinching the dog.

Nurturing Your Customers

  • Always Ready – Have your equipment always with you. You never know when you'll get a referral or someone might see you working and ask you to visit right after to do business with you.

  • Be Friendly – Grouchiness makes for bad business. Imagine having to deal with a disgruntled waiter at a restaurant. It can ruin your dinner. The same happens to your customers if you're unfriendly to them while on the job.

  • Fulfill Commitments – I'm sure you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a person who doesn't follow through on promises. You don't want your clients to feel the same way about you. Show up or call in advance. Clean up right or come back another day.

  • Be Honest – Don't be afraid to tell your customers the truth. They will respect you far better for telling the truth, than if you spoke falsely to give them a temporary boost.

  • Communicate Openly – Ask for feedback to eliminate confusion. Express yourself constructively. Enable your clients easily to approach you with any questions or concerns.

  • Make Everything Easy For Your Customer – Your customers are too busy to be asked to do anything you can do. They want things simple and smooth.

  • Listen To Your Customer – Listen to what's not being said. This is a perfect opportunity to learn where you should improve.

  • Pay Your Customers For Their Loyalty – There's nothing like being made to feel you're special. Make your customers feel special by gifting them for allowing you to be of service to them. Send them thank you cards occasionally and gifts on holidays. Speak highly of them in public. Refer business to them. Make them never regret having hired your services.


  • Year Round Service – Obviously during colder months you may have clients who would rather not do any dog walking. However, many dog walking clients are content to have their dogs exercised during the fall and winter months, if they're dressed up for it.

    Dogs need exercise no matter what the climate, right?

  • If you decide to carry out walks during colder seasons, then consider purchasing water proof equipment for yourself and the dogs. Also consider that you will have to keep the dog from returning into the house full of mud and grime.

  • Seasonal Opportunities – During the fall and winter months, some couples tend to leave on vacations to warmer climate areas. This is an opportunity for you to offer pet sitting services to these individuals. This service is an excellent way of supplementing your dog walking income during the slow months of your business.

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