Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Dog Walking "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Marketing This Baby

• Business Name – Come up with the top 3 benefits that you promise to deliver the clients that you want to work for.

Then use the most important benefit of these 3 to create a catchy name for your business, assuming that you won't call the business by your own personal name.ways to make quick money name tag

  • Create a memorable business card.

    List at the top of the card the most important benefit that your business offers, followed by your personal contact information.


    Enjoy a healthy, happy dog whenever you return from work
    Wagging Tail Dog Walking Services
    John Doe, Expert Dog Walker
    Cell: 555-555-5555
    Email: John.Doe.waggingtail@gmail.com
    1234 Anywhere Street, Any City, State 00000

  • Local Research

    As a micro-business startup, you don't want to waste your hard earned cash on fruitless marketing campaigns. So always market to an audience that will listen. Pick your target, and then fire away.

    • Know your target audience. Each audience has different pet needs. Consider the following:

      • What type of households?

        • Middle income households?

        • Wealthy households?

        • Single households?

        • Married households?

        • Households with children or no children?

      • What age group?

        • Retirement age?

        • Middle age?

        • Young professional age?

      • In what neighborhood does your target audience live?

      • What can you provide your target audience that they aren't already getting?

  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

    Find something unique in your dog walking that you can offer that your competitors aren't offering, but that your target audience values.set yourself apart

    • Maybe you focus only on walking older, feebler, or disabled dogs that need far more attention than the average dog.

    • Maybe you focus on taking only puppies that need fast paced and super energetic runs.

    • Maybe you focus only on walking unruly or difficult dogs in order to train them to be more sociable.

  • Market Your Business While Dog Walking

  • Create a simple shirt or sweater design that attracts attention. The shirt could say something like:

    Dogs Also Need Exercise
    Ask Me How Much Now
    Insert your business name, phone number or blog address onto the shirt.

    Wear your dog walking branded shirt whenever you're out walking dogs.

      If you don't have any paying clients yet, then walk your friend, family, neighbor, or even your local animal shelter's dogs.

      Take dogs out for walks at times when and locations where you'll be seen by lots of your target audience. Carry business cards with you.

      Visit pet food stores or grooming shops with a good looking dog in your hands and greet people on their way out, handing them a business card or flyer.

  • Create A Flyer

  • List the most important dog walking advantages that your clients receive from your services. Name several of your references and some positive comments that they've made about your business.

    Drop flyers and business cards at locations that potential customers frequent. Provide an incentive by explaining your referral program, or offer to promote their business in exchange for receiving their promotion.

    The following is a short list of potential locations where to arrange access to your dog walking flyers or business cards:
    • Local veterinary clinics

    • Local grooming shops

    • Local pet stores

    • Local animal shelters

    Post your flyers on public bulletin boards:
    • Parks

    • Dog parks

    • Grocery stores

    • Libraries

  • Attend Local Pet Events

    Is the local SPCA holding a fundraiser? Good, then get involved. Speak with people. Show interest in their animals. Explain your business. Hand out business cards. Get the word out about your services.

    Most cities host events where pets are welcome. You can find out times and locations for these events through newspapers, bulleting boards, online classified ads, or online searches. Some major pet stores host events as well. So be sure to keep up with what's going on in you local community.

  • Place Door Hangers

    Although door hangers are more expensive than flyers, they can be very effective if you target the right audience.

    Since a dog walking business really deals only with residential clients, then dropping off door hangers at people's homes ensures that your business will be made visible to the correct general audience.

    However, you must narrow down your target down to a specific kind of neighborhood where residents are likely to find your service valuable and city ordinances do not prohibit you leaving door hangers or hand bills in people's residences.

    It is absolutely essential that you know who your dog walking target audience is, where they live, and what their needs are, so you can write an effective message to them.

    Write an ad for the door hanger that will catch your target audience's attention within a few seconds.

    The ad should speak of BENEFITS. Otherwise, regardless of how targeted your campaign may be, your dog walking audience will not find any value in your services.

  • Start A Blog

    A blog fits perfectly the constraints of a small business owner. It's cheap. It's easy to setup. It's easy to maintain. start a blogWith a blog you can quickly post new material daily, which makes your business look alive.

    • Setup an account with WordPress - it's free.

    • Post pictures and video of the dogs that you have walked. Let your clients know that you post pictures and short stories of their dogs' adventures.

      Invite your customers to comment on your blog. This really helps to create an almost kindred relationship between you and your client. Plus it will give them reason to send prospects to your site.

    • In each post give two to three sentences about how the dog reacted to the walk, what it found on its way, how it interacted with strangers. Make it real mushy and fluffy.

      Write something like, "Rex just couldn't help rub himself all over the tree bark. I mean, he was beside himself looking up that tree [Insert picture of Rex] trying to get the racoon. What a good boy!"

    • Describe in the "About Us" section of your blog your dog walking services and your unique approach to dealing with dogs and clients. Create a form so people can contact you in writing.

    • Create a post listing your services and fees, and then create a link titled "Services & Fees" on your sidebar that directs readers to your post.

  • Place Ads On Free Advertising Platforms

    Post ads on popular advertising platforms. Have the ads point back to your blog to provide them with further information about your business.

    Some of the most popular online classified ads are:

    • Craigslist.org

    • ebayClassified.com

    • uPillar.com


      Consider selling dog products that you could buy in bulk and present as extra services to your clients. Perhaps they'd rather not have to worry about buying the dog food and treats, so they might pay you not only to walk the animal and feed it, but to stock up on its weekly feed.
    Also it's good to search ads on free advertising platforms. There are clients to be found through online advertising platforms like Craigslist. People will post their needs on craigslist in the hope of getting someone to help them out.

  • Setup A Referral Program

    ways to make quick money customer referral When you start out, your income will come mainly through word-of-mouth customers. Encourage referrals.

    Reward those clients who refer your dog walking services to their friends. Ask for referrals. If you have furnished a valuable service to your clients, what better time to ask for a referral than when they are content with the service that you've provided.

    • Pay clients who refer your business. Set up a points system and tell dog walking clients that after they reach a certain number of points, you will walk their dog for free or at a discount, or they can use the points as a gift certificate for a local friend.

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