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Startup Equipment

In general, clients provide the necessary equipment to have their dogs walked. However, it's important to be prepared for the occasional client who doesn't provide you with the appropriate equipment.

At bare minimum what you need are the following items just to get started:

  • An Extra Leash – Don't go with retractable leashes. You don't want dogs to be wandering aimlessly. So just get a fixed length leash so you can keep the dogs always at your side.

  • An Extra Collar – Since you'll be likely dealing with multiple dogs of different sizes, get yourself an adjustable collar. Consider using a gentle leader dog collar.

  • A Keysafe – Since you may have to enter your clients' property in their absence to take their dogs out for a walk, you'll need someplace safe to store your client's keys.

  • ways to make quick money portable keysafe

  • Portable Water Bowl – Depending on the length of the walk you will need to provide water to the dogs every 30 minutes or so.

  • ways to make quick money portable pet bowl
  • Doggy Bags – Walking stimulates the bowels, so you're bound to get some doggy "left behinds" while walking. Pick up droppings with biodegradable plastic bags.

  • Doggy Wipes – No matter how much you try to keep a dog clean while walking, they will eventually get dirty. So it's handy to have wipes that you can use to clean them off before they go back into the house.

  • ways to make quick money dog wipes
    ways to make quick money dog biscuits
  • Doggy Treats – These are useful to train the dogs while you are walking, but they are not essential.

  • A Water Cooler To Store Extra Water – You'll need someplace to store extra water for the dogs after they're done with the walk.

    No need for a fancy, hard shell cooler. Just get yourself a cheap styrofoam cooler. And if you decide to buy treats, purchase dog training treats since they are healthier for dogs than the average doggy treat.

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