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A Dog Walking "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Basic Requirements

• Level Setting Expectations

Know why you're walking dogs. Examples:

  • To give dogs owner the satisfaction of knowing their dogs are getting a healthy release of energy and good exercise
  • To extend the life of dogs by exercise
  • To remove the guilt a dog owner who are not able to take care of their dogs better
  • To gain the experience of being an entrepreneur
  • To have substantial cash flow coming in each week

Know what's expected of a professional dog walker:

  • Punctuality
  • Trustworthiness
  • Acute attention to the well-being of pets
  • Consistency

• Prepare To Practice On Your Own A Few Hours

If you've not walked dogs before, you'll want to find out what you can handle and also get some experience. So step out and do some practice runs.

Volunteer for dog walking duty at a local animal shelter. You will likely have to go through some basic animal shelter training before you're able to take a dog out. But once you've got the OK to start taking walks, the experience you get with those pooches will be invaluable.

  • Walk two dogs everyday for 30 minutes each. By the end of a week you'd have walked at least 10 dogs, and you'd have a good idea of the physical requirements of owning a dog walking service.

  • Expand your dog walking horizons by walking the easy-going dogs in the shelter first, and next move into the more touchy canines.

  • Ask the experienced volunteers at the shelter questions like:

    • How do you control a dog that wants to lead?

    • How do you calm an overly excited dog?

    • How do you handle dogs that are confronting each other?

    • What is the best method to walking several dogs all at once?

Walk your neighbors or friends' dogs in exchange for references. Tell them:

"I'm starting a dog walking service. There's demand for dog walking in this area. I'm looking to gain some experience and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me walking your dog for free for a couple of days. If you like my work, could I use you as a reference?"

If you own your own dogs, then walk your dog one hour everyday for a week and practice leadership skills with it.

If you have several dogs, alternate dogs on different days.

• Know Your Capacity

After you've gone through a few days worth of walks, ask yourself the following:

  • What size dog can I walk?

  • What type of personality dog can I walk? Old? Easy going? Rambunctious? Obedient? Leader or follower?

  • How much time can I spend walking in a day?

  • How many days am I willing to walk every week?

  • How far am I willing to travel to take a walk?

• Learn Some Basic Dog Obedience Training Skills

We humans tend to spoil our dogs. As a result they grow up often to be disobedient and unruly. Dogs can be spoiled brats!

A dog that does not respect your leadership and struggles at the leash makes for a very uncomfortable walk, and even a danger to pedestrians or other dogs.

It's essential that you show a dog that you are its leader.

By training a dog to be a follower you'll end up with a compliant dog. This allows for the healthy, enjoyable walk that the owner wants. You will return a better behaved pet. This can make you invaluable to the owner, if the pet has been a bit of a behavioral nightmare before your arrival.

It's not difficult to train a dog while walking. It just takes a lot of patience and dedication.

Here are five essential points to know about teaching a dog to follow you while walking:

  • Always Act the Leader – Dogs are animals that instinctively live in packs. They naturally look to a leader. If you aren't going to be the leader, then you'll end up a follower. It matters not the size of the dog. Even a Chihuahua will take an attitude with you, if it sees you as a follower and not its leader.

    Being a leader doesn't mean that you have to be rough and harsh with the animal. It does mean that you have to be strong and confident, calm and assertive.

    Remember: You're dealing with an animal, not a person. You cannot reason with dogs.

  • Keep The Dog At Your Side While Walking – Part of being the leader is to have the dog follow you. This means that the dog must be either at your side or behind you at all times while you are walking. A dog that walks ahead of you is telling you that it is leader and expects you to follow it. Keep the dog at your side so it can see where you are leading, and where it must follow.

  • Correct Negative Behavior Immediately – If you delay correction for bad behavior, the dog will not be able to associate the correction with its actions. Correction doesn't equate to brute force. It can involve an action as simple as you stopping when the dog begins to walk ahead of you. Or it could involve a quick yet strong word or corrective sound, like PSSSST! when the dog begins to wander away from you.

  • Occasionally Reward The Dog For Good Behavior – Rewards are important for dogs. It's a method of positive reinforcement. But you should give them occasionally, because it's better to train a dog to behave well because you require its obedience, rather than have a dog behave well because it expects a reward for its behavior.

    A reward doesn't have to be a food treat. You can reward a dog by allowing it to sniff around and explore after you had it heel at your side. A sound of praise and a friendly touch are also rewards.

  • Be Consistent – It will take time to alter a dog's behavior. But if you are consistent with the dog, it will eventually understand that it can't get its way and will give up to your leadership. A dog will not learn to do something unless it is imprinted in its mind through repetition. Even old dogs learn new tricks. They just take long repetition.

Here are some helpful videos to give you a visual perception of what it takes to train a dog to walk properly with you:

    How To Train Your Dog Not To Pull

    Stop Your Dog From Pulling

    How To Leash Train A Dog

There's a ton of information about training dogs – too much to put here. But the following is a short list of helpful articles that can get you started on learning to act as a leader to your dogs. Leadership is fundamental to successful dog walking.

I highly recommend continuing to learn about dog training. The more you learn about dogs, the more effective you will be as a dog walker, which can lead to other opportunities with animal handling.

Something To Aim For

The next video shows you what a dog walking master can do. This is not for beginners. This is called group dog walking. It takes a great deal of expertise to show all dogs in the group who is the leader.

You can make a great deal of money in just 2 hours a day walking 10 dogs (or more) all at once. In a city like New York you can get up to $50 per dog for a 2-hour walk. If you walked 10 dogs, you'd make $500 in the time that it takes to watch a movie.

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