Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Dog Walking "Fast Cash" Business

by Alexis J Munoz

There are ways to make quick money walking dogs for cash. Below we've compiled more than 80 hours of research to help you start making money quickly. You just have to be serious about starting this kind of micro-business.

Put the information below to work for you right away. Don't forget to come back to tell us your experience. Share your questions with us at this site. Get out of unemployment, underemployment or just start a side business.

You will get new skills and extra cash to improve your current and future situation.

What You Gain From This Venture

  1. Pure cash payments on the spot
  2. Solo venture - No need for associates
  3. Earn several hundred dollars a week with only a few clients, and the potential to earn thousands a week as your client base grows
  4. Regular repeat business if you market yourself well
  5. Low learning curve, low startup costs, low barriers to entry
  6. Up and running in a couple of days
  7. Easily and quickly expandable to other profitable pet services
  8. Flexible schedule
  9. Fresh air
  10. Manageable competition if you spot your niche

Who This Venture Benefits Most

  • The outdoors type
  • The physically fit
  • The animal enthusiast
  • The effective communicator
  • The amiable type
  • The punctual type

Who Will Succeed

  • Those who can tolerate the unpredictability and physical exertion of dealing with animals
  • Those eager to get outside and walk for several miles on a daily basis
  • Those patient enough to stick with training dogs that aren't willing to obey
  • Those driven to satisfy a dog owner's expectation to make a dog happy
  • Those docile enough to learn from mistakes and persevering enough to overcome them
  • Those who are honest, reliable and punctual in tracking time and work progress


The pet industry has grown enormously over the last 10 years, and it continues to grow. As a result it has opened up many ways to make quick money. Dogs have become the loved possessions of 40% of all households in the USA.

In some urban centers pets outnumber children. According to San Francisco's Animal Care and Control department, for example, the city is host to 120,000 dogs and between 108,000 to 113,000 children.

Dog owners are more than willing to pay for services that they find will benefit their pets. Dog walking is one of these profitable services, and it's extremely easy to setup, manage and specialize in, because of the large variety of owners and breeds.

Of all the services provided to dog owners in the USA, dog walking has actually proven to be the most recession proof. Dog grooming, dog sitting, and dog day cares have seen a decline in business with the current recession, while dog walking has continued steadily and even picked up in certain parts of the country.

ways to make money quick dog walking During hard times, dog owners spend more time working to pay the bills. They leave their dogs unattended in the house for many hours in the day.

Since dog owners can't bear the thought of their precious pooches being cooped up like prisoners all day, nor the sight of returning to a house that smells and looks like a kennel gone wild, they look to the only alternative available – have someone come periodically to take their beloved canines out for a well needed walk.

Due to the increasing amount of money spent on pets, dog walking services are rising amongst urban and suburban America. Dog walking is definitely one of several ways to make quick money today!

Of the several ways to make quick money by exploiting the huge attention that millions of households pay to their pets, dog walking is by far the most profitable for the least amount of effort.

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