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A Window Cleaning "Fast Cash" Business

Insights And Caveats

Maintaining Your Equipment

  • Don't leave your tools dirty at the end of a day. If dirt builds up on your squeegee or washer you'll have to re-clean the window, which takes time away from you. In this case, time is money.

  • Make sure you dry your tools. You don't want to have your tools wet when they are not being used. This will build mildew and rust which renders your tools useless. So keep them dry.

  • Always store your tools in a safe location. It'd be a shame to have your tools stolen because you thought they'd be safe in your backyard for the night.

How To Avoid Streaks And Drips

  • Beware of channeling water - Before using your squeegee it's important to dry the top and side edge of the window frame. If you don't dry the edge your squeegee will create a channel that will drive the cleaning solution along the frames back onto the window.

  • Catch drippings - When you squeegee the water off a window, the water will drip down off your squeegee. To keep the water from dripping all over the floor as you squeegee, catch the dripping water with your strip washer.

Nurturing Your Customers

  • Always Ready - Have your equipment always with you. You never know when you'll get a referral or someone might see you working and ask you to visit right after to do business with you.

  • Be Friendly - Grouchiness makes for bad business. Imagine having to deal with a disgruntled waiter at a restaurant. It can ruin your dinner. The same happens to your customers if you're unfriendly to them while on the job.

  • Fulfill Commitments - I'm sure you know what it's like to be on the receiving end of a person who doesn't follow through on promises. You don't want your clients to feel the same way about you. Show up or call in advance. Clean up right or come back another day.

  • Be Honest - Don't be afraid to tell your customers the truth. They will respect you far better for telling the truth, than if you spoke falsely to give them a temporary boost.

  • Communicate Openly - Ask for feedback to eliminate confusion. Express yourself constructively. Enable your clients easily to approach you with any questions or concerns.

  • Make Everything Easy For Your Customer - Your customers are too busy to be asked to do anything you can do. They want things simple and smooth.

  • Listen To Your Customer - Listen to what's not being said. This is a perfect opportunity to learn where you should improve.

  • Pay Your Customers For Their Loyalty - There's nothing like being made to feel you're special. Make your customers feel special by gifting them for allowing you to be of service to them. Send them thank you cards occasionally and gifts on holidays. Speak highly of them in public. Refer business to them. Make them never regret having hired your services.


  • Commercial Cleaning - Commercial cleaning tends to be year round. Businesses need to maintain their image at all times. Rain or shine, a business has to look good for its customers. So commercial window cleaning still goes on even during winter months.

  • Residential Cleaning - This is a less competitive market because it takes more skill to do, but it's not difficult to learn. The work is plentiful, and the pay can be very good. Residential window cleaning is at its height during the warmer months. During the colder months it slows down, but even still you'll find people who want their windows cleaned.

Window cleaners who work during the winter months use several techniques to keep their cleaning solution from freezing while they're working.

Check out this video to get insight on cleaning windows in freezing temperatures:

How To Use Grade #0000 Steel Wool

  • Don't use steel wool on tinted or filmed glass surfaces. Steel wool can damage the tint or film.

  • If you wet ultra fine steel wool it becomes practically useless. So dry the area first before you begin rubbing away any hardened debris.

When To Use A Wetting Solution

  • If your cleaning solution is drying too quickly on hot days, or your squeegee isn't sliding smoothly across the glass, then consider getting a friction reducing solution (wetting agent).

  • This is a wetting agent, not a cleaner. You add a small amount of the solution into your cleaning fluid. This helps your cleaning solution penetrate through layers of soil faster, deeper, and more evenly than water. Also it reduces evaporation of your cleaning solution on hot days, which is essential because dried solutions leave horrific streaks.

  • The agent also makes it far easier to use your squeegee, providing an extra lubrication so that it glides rather than get stuck.

Consider Buying A Swivel T-Bar

  • Consider getting swivel t-bars for your strip washers and squeegees. This will give you far more flexibility and ease of use, which lessens the amount of time it takes to clean a window and is less strenuous on your body.

  • Wagtail is a popular swivel tool used around the world.

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