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The Venture Step-by-Step

Making The Moola

• Walking The Area – Window washing is a face-to-face business transaction. You must do the following 50 times per day:

  • Walk into an establishment

    • ways to make quick money make a deal
    • Ask for the manager

    • Establish rapport with a smile

    • Give your name and ask a question: "Do you have someone cleaning your windows for you?"

    • If the answer is no, then be prepared to give your 10-second answer to the question "Why should I choose you to wash my windows?"

    • If the answer is yes, then follow up with "Are you happy with your current cleaner?"

    • If the manager is happy with his current cleaner, then ask what your competitor is charging and make a 20% discount offer on the spot.

    • Tell the manager, "If you're happy with my work, you can call me later, if you wish."

    • Else, offer to do the work on the spot at an agreed upon price.

    • If in either case the manager is not interested in your service, leave your card and thank him for his time and offer to come back whenever he calls you.

    • For every 50 businesses that you visit, you're likely to get 10 that will hire you on the spot. Move fast through the 40 that say "No, thank you."

  • Pricing - Window cleaning is priced per window, not by the hour.

    • Find out how much your potential clients are willing to pay for the entire job, or ask them how much your competitor has charged them before for the entire job. Then divide that figure by the total number of windows to wash.

    • ways to make quick money pricing
    • Ask yourself how much your time is worth per window.

      • Let's work a detailed example. Let's say that you work 8 hours per day. You visit 10 establishments every hour. Two out of 10 hire you. You take 20 minutes washing windows at each establishment. You charge $20 per job.

        Why would you charge that much?

        You'd do that because you want to earn $40 per hour. You'd do that because by the end of that day, after you've gone through 80 businesses, you could end up with $320 of solid cash in your hands.

        Why do you want that much? Because you want to earn $1,600 in cash by the end of the week. That's your main goal.

        So, let's go back to that first day. How many windows did you have to do in 20 minutes for $20 at each of the 2 establishments that hired you?

        Well, to make $40 per hour, as we said, and to have worked 40 minutes washing means that you cleaned a specific number of windows for $1 a minute.

        If you'd timed yourself in the past to know that it takes you about 1 minute to clean a commercial size window correctly inside and out, then in 40 minutes you washed 40 windows – 1 per minute, right?

        $1 per window is just an example of a base rate for the sake of simplicity. But you can certainly charge twice as much (or three times or five times as much) and still take only 1 minute to do that window. What you charge depends on what the client is willing to pay for that window.

        So the key is to know how many windows you can wash per minute. Once you have that number, divide the total quantity of windows to wash at a given location by the number of windows that you can do per minute and this tells you how long it will take you to complete the job.

        But then multiply by your hourly rate the time that it will take you to complete all that work, and you will have a base price to offer your client for the entire job.

        For instance, you now know that you can do 1 window per minute. The client wants you to do 40 windows inside and out. You want to earn $40 per hour. Take 40 windows divided by 1 window per minute, and now you know it will take you 40 minutes to do all those windows.

        Now take 40 minutes, which is two-thirds (or about 0.66) of an hour and multiply it by $40. The price for the job is $26.40.

        Remember, however, that a client doesn't owe you a wage. He doesn't have to pay you $40 an hour just because that's what you want to earn.

        If your price is too high, you will have to negotiate a reasonable price for the job.

        BUT... it may be that the client thinks those 40 windows are not worth $40 but $100 to get cleaned. Try to find out. You know that you can still do the job in 40 minutes, which means that you'll get paid not $1 but $2.50 per window!

        Therefore, don't focus only on what you want to earn. Find out what the client wants to pay.

        The lower the price, the faster you'll have to work and the more businesses you'll have to visit to reach your weekly earnings goal. But the more value the clients finds in your work, the more you're likely to get paid for it, and the fewer clients you'll have to visit to reach your financial goals.

        If the above explanation has been a bit too abstract, just try the calculator below. It should make matters much clearer to you. You can access this calculator from your smart phone while on-site at any client's establishment at any time.

    • Getting Paid – Accept cash payment only (not checks) and set this expectation with your clients.

    You're better off not risking a bounced check. Just let your customers know that you only take cash for the time being.

    ways to make quick money cash payment In time train your clients to expect your arrival at fixed points in time and bring an invoice with you. Get a check on the spot or ask for payment to be mailed to you. This is called a receivable.

    • Avoid receivables from small businesses. Work in cash when dealing with small accounts and expect checks from larger companies.

    • Always fill out and give a receipt for every payment, and enter each payment in your business ledger to track your cash flow.

    • Open an AlertPay account with your business email address for clients who would rather not pay with cash.

      You could offer to have them pay you through AlertPay with their credit card. AlertPay is a competitor of PayPal. (See Why I don't recommend using PayPal).

      Invoicing a client after completing work can lead to delays in payment. So using a service like AlertPay with clients who you trust means that they will receive your invoice electronically.

      AlertPay will allow you to send invoices via email to your clients with a "Payment" button which they can click to make payment automatically to your AlertPay account.

      Alternatively collect cash on the spot.

      There are fees associated with accepting credit card payment, but these fees are well worth it. You give your reliable clients a far easier and smoother form of payment than asking for cash payment only on the spot every time you show up. It also demonstrates that you are a serious business person.

      In order to send invoices, you will need to open the Personal Pro account - it's free.

      You can easily transfer money from your AlertPay account to your personal bank account at any time. But in order to do this without limitations, you must become verified with AlertPay.

      There are three simple verifications. You only need to complete 2 out of the 3 to verify your account:

      • Credit Card Verification

      • Bank Account Verification

      • Phone Text Verification

      Being unverified doesn't disallow you from receiving funds to your account, but certain limitations may be imposed at any time by AlertPay if you aren't verified.

    • How Much Can You Make?

    The answer to this question depends on many factors. However judging based on the results of window cleaners who have been working at this for years, window cleaning is a lucrative business.There are window cleaners making anywhere from $20 an hour to $100 an hour.

    Also within the window cleaning industry there are many different markets. You've got commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, storefront cleaning, high rise cleaning and more. This provides a great opportunity for higher profits through expansion into other window cleaning markets.

    If you aren't convinced that window cleaning can bring in enough money to live comfortably, then live me give you some tangible evidence.Check out this thread of posts written by window cleaners discussing their earnings. Most are solopreneurs working 9 months a year and earning close to $100k or more.

  • Track Your Finances

    • Setup a record keeping system

    • Use Outright's free online accounting software to track your business' finances, unless you want to start with the granddaddy of all small business accounting packages Quickbooks by Intuit.

      • Outright is a simple to use software for micro businesses, and even estimates your federal tax, which comes in handy when paying taxes.

      • It's all online based, which means you don't need to download any software and store your records on your computer.

      • Your data is stored on a secure server, and you can access it from any computer that has internet access.

      • The service is free for the time being, but Outright may decide to begin charging a fee at any time.

      • Once your business is well established, I recommend going with a more sturdy accounting software like Quickbooks Pro.

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