Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Window Cleaning "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Marketing This Baby

• Business Name – Come up with the top 3 benefits that you promise to deliver the clients that you want to work for.

Then use the most important benefit of these 3 to create a catchy name for your business, assuming that you won't call the business by your own personal name.ways to make quick money name tag

  • Create a memorable business card.

    List at the top of the card the most important benefit that your business offers, followed by your personal contact information.


    Speedy Plexiglas Window Cleaning. No Streaks. No Scratches.
    Sunshine Through Your Glass Window Cleaning Service
    John Doe, Professional Window Cleaner
    Cell: 555-555-5555
    Email: John.Doe.SunshineGlass@gmail.com
    1234 Anywhere Street, Any City, State 00000

• Local Research – As a micro-business startup, you don't want to waste your hard earned cash on fruitless marketing campaigns. So always market to an audience that will listen. Pick your target, and then fire away.

  • Know your target audience

    • Are they commercial or residential, or both?

    • Where are they located?

    • How often do they need their windows cleaned?

    • What can you provide them that they aren't already getting?

  • Set yourself apart from your competition - Find something unique that you can offer that your competitors aren't offering, but your target audience values.

    • Maybe you're the only window cleaning service in your area to offer environmentally friendly services.

    • Maybe you're the only window cleaning service that offers free window ad placement and removal.

    • Maybe you're the only window cleaning service that can clean a window in 1 minute or less, leaving it dirt and streak-free or the cleaning is free.

  • Do some storefront walk-ins around your neighborhood

    • Walk in and hand the manager your business card and ask them, "Do you currently use a window cleaner?"

    • If the manager has someone else cleaning the windows ask him, "Are you happy with your current cleaner?"

    • If he says YES, then tell him "That's great. It's not easy to find a reliable window cleaner. If your cleaner ever happens to move away, or just stops coming, give me a call. I'll be happy to take care of your windows. I'm in this area every other [pick a day in the week], and I can easily swing by to do a cleaning for you."

    • If he says NO, then offer to clean one window for free to demonstrate your work.

  • If he likes your work, then offer to clean the rest of his windows for your normal fee. If he hesitates, then offer a onetime 20% discount.

    • If the manager doesn't have someone else cleaning the windows, then offer to clean one window for free to demonstrate the benefit his storefront gains in having clean windows.

  • If he likes your work, then offer to clean the rest of his windows for your normal fee. If he hesitates, then offer a one-time 20% discount.

    • If you get a job from your visit, then offer to visit again to clean the windows. Or let him know that he can call you for a cleaning since you are in the area every week, two weeks, or whatever schedule you've set for yourself.

    • Take down the manager's name and be sure to visit and say hello whenever you're in the area again.

    • Look for storefronts with windows that are pretty nasty in appearance. It's far easier to convince the manager how your service can benefit their business when their windows are encrusted with bug poo and dirt.

• Start A Blog – A blog fits perfectly the constraints of a small business owner. It's cheap. It's easy to setup. It's easy to maintain. With a blog you can quickly post new material daily, which makes your business look alive.

  • Setup an account with WordPress - it's free.

  • ways to make quick money blog
  • Post pictures and video of your work

  • In each post write a small description of the work you did and what customers or people passing by say about it.

  • Add video testimonials.

  • Create short posts about your business and your clients, and enter local details, such as their business address, to make sure that the information gets picked up by search engines wanting to profile local activity in your area.

  • Describe your services and your uniqueness in an "About Us" section of your blog and create a form so people can contact you in writing.

  • Create a post listing your services and fees, and then create a link titled "Services & Fees" on your sidebar that directs readers to your post.

• Create A Flyer To Stuff In An Envelope - List the most important advantages that your clients receive from your services. Name several of your best customers and some positive comments that they've made about your work.

Now go to companies that look just like your customers and leave the envelop with the business owner or shop manager. Attach your business card to the flyer.

Carry business cards to pass around to anyone who asks about your services.

Learn to write ads and place them on free advertising platforms

  • Craigslist.org

  • ebayClassified.com

  • uPillar.com

  • Have the ads point back to your blog

  • ways to make quick money customer referral
  • Create a sign for your car

• Setup A Referral Program – Use 2-for-1 incentives to ask your clients to refer you service to their network. If you have provided a valuable service to a them, what better time to ask for a referral than when they are content with what you've done for them.

  • Pay clients who refer your business. Give your referring clients a percentage of the earning for their referral. Pay them in cash. They will find it lucrative to refer your service to their friends, family, etc.

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