Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Window Cleaning "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Delivering The Service

• Make A Professional Impression

Dress Appropriately

Window cleaning is a specialized trade, and clients tend to have an expectation that specialized work requires specialized clothing.

  • Wear clothing that looks uniform.

  • Plain colored clothing (no images, text, mixed colors)

  • Try painter's overalls
  • ways to make quick money coveralls

  • Wear a name tag

  • Dress in apparel that you're willing to get damaged and dirty


  • Bring an extra pair of clothes with you to avoid presenting yourself to a client with filthy and smelly clothes, especially when you're trying to secure a new account. Impressions matter.

  • Use durable, comfortable shoes - You'll be doing a lot of moving around. Choose the right shoes for the job.

Come Ready To Do Business

  • Bring a notepad on a clipboard and a working pen to take any notes or instructions from your client

  • Bring your calendar with you to schedule another job date with your client

  • Bring a receipts book

  • Speak with clarity and confidence

  • Know what it is that you're offering. Know what makes your service unique. Have a 10-second answer for the question, "Why should I choose you to wash my windows?"

  • Be friendly, smile and always look at your client's face.

  • Shake hands firmly.

  • If you don't feel confident that you can do the best job, then offer a free trial in exchange for the manager's contact information. Leave your contact information with the manager, and ask for a follow-up or say that you will follow up with the manager in a few days.

  • Listen to the client's needs

  • Let the client speak to explain his needs. Be attentive. Don't interrupt. Nod in understanding.

  • Repeat the client's demands out loud to ensure that you've understood them, and get acknowledgment that you got the instructions right.
  • Ask next whether there is anything about your service that the client would like you to clarify for him.

  • Don't leave until the work is done

  • Ask for a quality checkup before getting paid.

  • Thank the client for doing business with you.

  • Schedule a new visit and call 1 day ahead to remind the customer that you're coming as agreed.

Wash Windows Efficiently

Cleaning windows isn't a difficult a task. What's critical is to learn how to clean them efficiently, because the more time you spend cleaning a window, the less you earn for your time.

You want to get the highest hourly rate possible by spending the shortest amount of time cleaning any window. Taking a short time to clean a window doesn't mean that you've got to be greased lightning. It means that you have to be skilled in your window washing technique.

There are MANY methods of cleaning windows. There's no limit to the techniques. As time goes on you'll find the method that best fits you.


Take a look at these video tips to familiarize yourself with the basics of efficiently cleaning windows:

  • Basics Of Window Cleaning

  • How To Squeegee (Slow Explanation)

  • How To Squeegee With A Pole


  • The Highrise Account Worth Thousands Of Dollars

  • Window Cleaning With A Flair

• Know The Basics Of Your Trade

Window Cleaning Method Summarized

Wash, scrape, squeegee, review and wipe down frames. That's all.

  1. Wash the window frame. Clean the frames with your strip washer.

  2. Wash the window. Grab your strip washer and go over the entire window.

  3. Scrape the window. If you notice any really hard debris on the window, then use your scraper or steel wool to remove it.

    • Always use the scraper when the glass is wet.

    • Never scrape back and forth. Rather scrape in one steady direction only.

    • When you pass over the debris once with your scraper be sure to wet the area again before your next pass. Do this until the debris is gone.

    • If you use a scraper on a dry surface, you may scratch the glass - so be careful.

    • Never use a scraper on tempered glass. You can find out if a window is made of tempered glass by looking along the edges and corners of the window for a marking that says "Tempered Glass".

    • Steel wool is a different story altogether. You should use the ultra fine steel wool on a dry surface. So make sure the glass is dry before you begin to scrape off the debris. This grade of steel wool doesn't scratch glass surfaces.

  4. Squeegee the window. Remove the cleaning solution and all dirt and debris, thus leaving a squeaky clean window that your client will appreciate.

  5. Review the window. Look at the window from different angles to make sure that there are no spots or streaks that you missed.

  6. Wipe down the frames. It's important that you wipe all excess solution off of the window frames. This adds a professional touch to your service. Leaving window frames clean and dry is absolutely critical to leave a lasting impression.

    If your client has agreed to it, repeat all the steps on the other side of the window.

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