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Startup Equipment

Window cleaning is not an expensive business to get started mainly because the equipment needed to launch the operation is very cheap. In fact, you might have enough of it around your place already that you could do a couple of jobs in the next few hours, if you really set your mind to it.

At bare minimum what you need are the following items just to get started:

  • 1 Bottle of Dishwashing Liquid
  • 10 gallons of water to carry with you and mix your soapy solution or rinse your tools
  • 3 Squeegees with replacements
  • 1 Strip washer
  • 1 Pole
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 Roll of Paper Towels
  • 1 Receipt Book with Personal Business Labels
  • Cell phone. You need to be able to take calls from your clients while on the field.
This is not to say that professional window cleaners don't use professional equipment. They certainly do! But you don't need that to start. However, if you wanted to move fast in that direction, here is some information about basic equipment used by professionals.

Cleaning Solution - You could go with simply mixing water and dishwashing soap. Many startup window cleaners do exactly that. Or you could go with a professional cleaning solution like Glass Gleam 3. But why would you do that at first? Keep it cheap.

  • Normal dishwashing soap works well. It's cheap, and it does an excellent job for windows that have grease marks.

  • Be forewarned, nevertheless, that a disadvantage of using simply soap and water is that on hot days the solution can dry up much faster than professional solutions. This causes suds to leave residue on the glass and streaks.

  • Streaks are the kiss of death! You don't want a client calling you back because you left streaks on the window.

  • Professional solutions are made specifically for glass cleaning so they don't have suds and normally don't leave any residue.

  • They're formulated to allow the squeegee to glide easily across the glass surface. They also take longer to dry in hot weather.
  • ways to make quick money strip washing

Strip Washer - The strip washer is used to apply the cleaning fluid onto the window to soften hardened debris.

Squeegee - The squeegee is used to remove quickly and evenly all the cleaning fluid and dirt from the window, leaving it streak free.

Squeegees come in different sizes to make the job of cleaning different size windows easier. The most commonly used sizes are 12", 14" and 18".
ways to make quick money squeegee
  • Consider getting a squeegee with a quick release handle. This will allow you to attach squeegee blades of different sizes to a single handle rather than spend money buying different size handles.

  • Consider always having a small squeegee available for windows smaller than 12" in width.
  • ways to make quick money window scraper

Scraper - The scraper is used to remove hardened debris that cannot be taken off by the strip washer or the squeegee. They're small and look similar to a putty knife.

Ultra fine steel wool Grade #0000 - Steel wool serves the same purpose as a scraper, and it's preferable to use on windows that are too sensitive for scraper use.
ways to make quick money steel wool
For instance, using a scraper on tempered glass will scratch the window. But Grade #0000 steel wool is so soft it will not scratch most glass surfaces, no matter how hard you rub.
ways to make quick money telescopic poles

Telescopic pole - These extension poles are used to reach windows beyond arm's length. You can attach different heads to the end of the pole (strip washer, squeegee, etc).

Little Giant Ladder - If you can handle windows just using your pole, then wait until you have enough clients to justify buying a ladder. Otherwise this will probably be the most expensive tool you'll purchase. But it comes in handy for cleaning large windows when your pole just can't give you the results that you want.

ways to make quick money little giant ladderways to make quick money receipt book
Receipt Book - You'll need to write receipts to your clients, because they can write off the cleaning expense in their taxes.

You don't need a fancy receipt book.

Just grab one from a local office supply store like Office Depot and apply a label to each receipt, containing your business name and contact information.

Sea Sponge - According to professionals this is the most useful tool for gathering excess solution along the window frames, wiping off your squeegee, and cleaning frames.
ways to make quick money sea sponge
Terry cloths or Microfiber Cloths - These are used to dry and wipe down the window frames.

Towels - When you are inside a building cleaning windows, you'll drip onto the floor. Use your towels to catch any drippings and keep the floor dry.

Bucket - A pretty standard window cleaning bucket is the 6-gallon size. Usually you'll find that they have attachments like a strainer for a strip washer or wheels to make traveling easier.

    ways to make quick money BoaB
  • If you're dreading the thought of lugging around a 6-gallon bucket wherever you go, there's always the option of getting a bucket-on-a-belt (BoaB).

    Usually these BoaBs hold both a washer and several squeegees. This allows moving around without ever having to worry about setting your equipment aside before entering a building, or having to unpack and repack any equipment to get a job done.

Finally, to be on the safe side, it's a good idea to get extra squeegee blades, strip washer sleeves, steel wool and sea sponges.

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