Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Window Cleaning "Fast Cash" Business

The Venture Step-by-Step

Basic Requirements

• Level Setting Expectations

Know why you're washing windows. Examples:

  • To bring sunshine into a place
  • To be my own boss with my own brand and style of work
  • To make cash quickly
  • To learn the ropes of owning a micro-business

Know what' s expected of a professional window washer at minimum

  • Punctuality
  • Swiftness
  • No streaks
  • No dirty ledges
  • Professional appearance

• Prepare To Practice On Your Own A Few Hours

Work on your own windows until you know how to get them streak free. Streaks on your own windows won’t be as hard on you as a paying client will be.

Work on your relatives and neighbors’ windows next in exchange for references. Say: "I'm trying to learn how to clean windows like lightning, because I've already learned that there's cash to be made very quickly if I do this right. Would you mind if I practice on your windows? If you like my work, could I use you as a reference?"

Find out how long it takes you to clean a window using an extension pole vs. a hand-held squeegee. Timing yourself with an extension pole is more accurate because the likelihood is that most commercial windows will require a pole. Learn to clean efficiently and quickly. This is the key to making lots of cash cleaning windows.

Once you've built confidence with proof of effort, take out a city map and circle 3 shopping areas where there is much foot traffic.

  • Visit each shopping area and walk around, taking note of the size, type and proximity of businesses. Identify the kind and size of windows these businesses have.

  • Prioritize each shopping area by quantity of foot traffic, type and number of windows. The busier and the dirtier, the better.

  • Look for a way to concentrate on mom and pop shops first. Move up to mid-size businesses like restaurants, small retail shops, and then target franchise stores and office buildings.

• Know Your Capacity

Know what you can handle. If you've practiced enough, you will know your limitations and how far you can commit.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What type of windows can I clean? Large? Small? Tall? Short? Rounded? Rectangular?

  • Will I clean commercial or residential windows?

  • If commercial, will I clean only storefronts or retail stores in shopping centers? Will I clean restaurants or mall shops? Will I clean office buildings, movie theaters, etc?

  • If residential, in what communities am I willing to work? What type of residential windows can I clean? Will I handle cleaning residential windows both inside and out?

  • Will I clean single story or multi-story building? If multi-story, then what type of building will I clean?

  • How many windows can I clean in an hour? How many in a day?

  • How far am I willing to travel to do a job?

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What To Do

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