Ways To Make Quick Money Launching...

A Window Cleaning "Fast Cash" Business

by Alexis J Munoz

There are ways to make quick money using your hands cleaning windows for cash. Put this information to work for you immediately. See if you qualify.

Below are the results of over 80 hours of research that we've done for you at no charge to you.

We're trying to help you get started in making quick money right now, if you're serious about starting this kind of micro-business.

All we ask is that you return to tell us your experience.

Come back to share your questions with us. Get out of unemployment, underemployment or just start a side business and get new skills and extra cash to improve your current and future situation beginning today!

We will continue to investigate and publish more micro-business models for you to select from. So come back often!

What You Gain From This Venture

  1. Pure cash payments on the spot
  2. Solo venture – No need for associates
  3. Over $1,000 a week after acquiring a few commercial accounts
  4. Low learning curve, low startup costs, low barriers to entry
  5. Up and running in a couple of days
  6. Regular repeat business if you market yourself well
  7. Flexible schedule
  8. Fresh air
  9. Manageable competition
  10. High growth potential

Who This Venture Benefits Most

  • Outdoors type
  • Physically fit
  • Willing to travel
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Detail-oriented
  • Punctual

Who Will Succeed

  • Early risers with the discipline to spend the day outside rain or shine
  • Physically strong or willing to get fit exerting the body several hours a day
  • Extroverts or introverts willing to practice public speaking techniques with strangers
  • Quality-oriented and willing patiently to dedicate attention to gain spotless results
  • Docile enough to learn from mistakes and persevering enough to overcome them
  • Honest, reliable and punctual in tracking time and work progress


The world is full of windows just as it's full of ways to make quick money. And these millions of windows get dirty every day. Shops, stores, restaurants, malls, houses need light coming through clean glass every day.

Regardless of how much owners may try to ignore it, their windows will need to be washed. And once they’re washed, it’s not long before they get dirty and will have to be washed again. Therefore, window cleaning is a guaranteed repeat business that can produce exceptional income for only several hours of work per week.

Windows must be routinely washed individually, which is why the window cleaning industry is very lucrative, since the best way to guarantee a job well done is by doing the work by hand. But the expense of washing a window is merely soap and water.

ways to make money quick window cleaning Since so many people look at window cleaning as being beneath them, this diminishes the number of workers willing to enter the trade, even while there is much business available for window cleaners because of the generally low competition.

There are many ways to make quick money. But a window cleaning business can create excellent money for a significantly small amount of effort compared to other ways to make quick money, such as janitorial services. Starting a window cleaning business takes very little money and doesn’t require learning any difficult skills.

A window cleaning service is perfect for anyone wanting ways to make quick money and willing to get into a cash business quickly and cheaply. It's a great opportunity for learning the ropes of running a small business. In other words, it's a great business to go into if you're young, cashless and inexperienced!

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