Two Reasons Why Losing My Job Is A Blessing

by Cheflady
(Danbury, Connecticut)

Swedish chef blessing unemploymentI've learned that being unemployed is probably a blessing in good timing.

Last week, for instance, I allowed myself to panic sufficiently in my job search, such that I attempted a trial run - two days of work - as a cook for a country club. I welcomed the opportunity to take a look at the commercial kitchen operation.

It turned out to be an entry level position paying $15 to $25 per hour less than I have earned. The person whose former position this used to be told me that he had been working there for 10 years.

I wondered how he could be doing that kind of mechanical work for so long. It was non stop on your feet. It required a 64-hour week. I immediately knew that I would not even entertain that job...and saw how well off I was, cooking for private clients, although I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the difference.

This temp job made me want to work for myself even more.

I also appreciate how Arturo accurately zeros in on dysfunction in an office setting in his 12-part series on How Not To Procrastinate In Starting Your Own Business. I have worked for inefficient, procrastinating bosses in the past.

I've learned to recognize dysfunction at office jobs while going through the interview itself. For example, once when I kept trying to streamline and identify exactly what my responsibilities would be on the job, the manager running the interview kept blurring the clear lines and saying "Well, we all pitch in."

Obviously he meant that no one knew what their real jobs were, because everybody was supposed to do everyone else's job when under pressure, so that nobody could specifically be held responsible for the final work.

This is yet another reason to want to work for myself to avoid office politics and unnecessary stress.

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