Three Birthdays And I'm Happily Living Out My Own Business Mission

by Sophie Hogg
(Highlands of Scotland)

I've owned a few small businesses. The one thing that really jumps out to me is the amount of work that I've had to put in the early years to get results.

I set out thinking that if I put an advertisement in the paper, then work would come flooding in! Of course it didn't. It was weeks before the phone even rang once!

I saw a small business opportunity as a letting agent in my local town, facilitating agreements between landlords and tenants. I really struggled for 3 years. And then finally I started making some money!

I eventually sold that brick and mortar business. Now I do web design part-time and the earlier pattern is repeating itself. First came three years of solid hard work with not too much to show for, but then all of a sudden things got a bit easier!

I'm still chasing that rainbow at 41! Yes, I work full-time as a technical manager for an organic fresh food company. But my website Great Happy Birthday is my passion and hobby.

I've always loved making friends and family birthdays special, spending lots of time researching and choosing the perfect birthday gift, card, cake or party plan.

Sophie HoggMy site is a source of income for me and my family, allowing me to put my years of research and experience to good use. It allows me to explore my own ideas and collect those of my readers, to provide others with a huge reference on how to have a really great birthday.

After all these years I found my mission: to provide free, good quality, inspirational ideas for happy birthdays.

Sophie Hogg is a wife, mother and online entrepreneur living in Scotland and indulging in making birthdays happier for her friends, family and clients.

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