Steps To Start A Business Fast


by Arturo F Munoz

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The steps to start a business fast are not all the same nor are all steps to starting a business equally important.

But there is a series of steps that you may consider optimal if you truly wish to get going fast in initiating a micro-venture, especially if you're in need of work and want to ensure you're not dragging your feet too long before seeing results.

Remember that starting a micro-business in many ways is similar to looking for a job. What is unique about starting a business over finding a job is the amount of flexibility to turn yourself into anything you want to be for your clients, because there are more potential clients than employers wanting services from you, if you market yourself well.

6 Steps To Start A Business Fast

  1. Let's begin with simple preparation. Take out one sheet of paper, no more, no less, and write out one paragraph that contains a service vision that gets you fired up. Answer the question "Why will I undertake this venture and who will benefit from my doing so?"

  2. Before calling it a final draft include an answer to how you will hit the ground running. Write out 5 decisions that will make the difference in you producing tangible deliverables that will benefit a specific group of people with money to pay you within 30 and no more than 60 days from venture kick-off.

  3. Now identify which manner of performance this work will require of you to achieve those deliverables. Be precise. Precision is everything here. If you fail to be precise about what it takes to succeed in delivering the goods, then you will not deliver.

  4. Let's turn to your ideal customer. What's in this person's mind? Write 5 statements of desire that this person tells himself and that you will say "I can do that for you like no one else can."

  5. Now it's time for numbers. What do you estimate will be enough to get your operation going? Keep it small. Think 3 months. How much labor (measured in hours)? How much cash? How many sales? Write it all down.

  6. Last, be honest and list the one thing that you must do to motivate yourself enough to kick off this venture 3 days from now and no later. That's the deadline: 3 days.

Below is an example of what these steps to start a business would look like for someone starting an accounting business. This is an illustration worth paying attention to.

The point here is for you to notice the degree of detail afforded under each list item. Imitate it with your own one-page business plan and you will have a precise roadmap to get cracking on your new micro-business.

Step #1 – Service Vision To Start An Accounting Business

My business will deliver honest, reliable and distinctively affordable bookkeeping, budgeting, forecasting and business tax tracking services to local, personal care small businesses, such as beauty shops, tanning salons, fitness centers, health food stores, home care, first-aid and chiropractice practitioners wanting to prepare for an expansion through better revenue analysis and expense reduction controls.

I'm undertaking this venture because these kinds of businesses are overwhelmed by numbers and transactions, and some are under regulations and must file accurate reports to insurance companies and government agencies, yet they often fail to have enough staff on hand that keeps up with accounting best practices or enjoys the challenge of working on numerical details. My services will benefit them by removing their concern for timely reports, accurate revenue, cost and tax tracking, and any worries over their readiness to pay taxes.

Step #2 – How The Business Will Kick Off

This venture will launch the moment I...

  1. Create 3 service packages to offer to my ideal client.

  2. Identify 10 specific local businesses to visit to offer my services.

  3. Purchase a standalone bookkeeping and accounting software ($300) to track client accounts.

  4. Test whether asking for $30 vs. $75 per hour generates a better response than offering a $3,000 monthly service package for clients with more than 20 employees.

  5. Draft the text for a 5-page web site and a corresponding Facebook business page to drive prospective customers to.

Step #3 – How The Business Will Perform At First

At the beginning the business will require the following:

  • I am to become its face. My background in corporate cost accounting and my various recommendations in the LinkedIn business network will serve to provide credibility.

  • I will visit with 2 of my business-owning friends and produce 3 free revenue analyses reports for them to acquire their testimonials and publish in my web site's Home page.

  • I will not incorporate but will do business as myself, and will visit the Chamber of Commerce to offer to host a workshop on "Accounting Errors, Fraud And Common Bookkeeping Problems For Small Businesses" at the local library.

  • I will hand a free report during the workshop and my business cards, plus an offer for a 20% discount on an accounting audit priced at $1,850 for anyone who hires my services within 5 business days from the event.

  • If I secure commitment from 3 clients, I will immediately file for a business license, pay to launch my website and execute an AdWords marketing campaign to drive business to my site.

Step #4 – What's My Ideal Customer Thinking?

My ideal client is asking himself the following questions:

  • How can I control my cash better?

  • Are my employees stealing from me?

  • Am I making serious accounting mistakes?

  • Am I going to be ready for the tax season this year?

  • What kind of internal controls can I set up to stop bleeding money?

My answer to these questions is:
I can help you control your cash flow, ensuring you always know where there is slippage or fraud, and keeping you from making severe accounting mistakes that can cost you during the tax season, by setting up your internal controls so that you stop bleeding money using specialized software and analyses that detect particular irregularities for personal care businesses like yours.

Step #5 – How Much Will It Take To Start The Venture?

For the next 12 weeks this business will require:

  • 360 hours of labor (phone calls, writing, meetings)

  • $800 in tools and materials

  • $1,200 in marketing

  • 5 customers worth $3,000 each per month

Step #6 – What Will Motivate Blast Off?

    The one thing I must do to launch this venture is stop coming back from work to watch 3 hours of TV every night and instead devote myself for the next 3 days to completing all the text that will go on my website.

It is said that swift justice demands more than just swiftness. The same goes for taking steps to start a business fast. You can move very swiftly to initiate a business venture. But swiftness is not good enough. Doing the right work well is far more important. So, consider these steps above as the most optimal to do as quickly as you can. They'll get you rapidly moving in the right direction.

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