How Starting Your Own Business Today Saves You From Scam Artists

A Personal Experience

by Arturo F Munoz

It's not like you're starting your own business. But you must have seen it before: "Make hundreds of dollars in a few days! Thousands in a month at your own pace, comfortably from you our own home!"
starting your own business overnight not a scam
Is a claim like that urgently attractive for those in desperate straits? You bet.

It sounds like a promise from a prophet, if you haven’t had work for 9 months and you've applied to a million jobs and nobody is hiring.

Of course you're frustrated. The bills keep piling. The cash in the bank has bled out like a gaping wound.

Speaking for myself, I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that most people trapped in such a situation experience a sort of delirium.

We envision our financial nightmares disappear and our freedom to enjoy life with family and friends resurfacing, if only we could kill the unemployment monster with one silver bullet.

So when I read that I can gain access to work-at-home jobs with companies that pay as much as $75 an hour, I perk up.

When I read that I can set my own schedule and pick my own clients, I can't help buy into the promise.

I mean, no commute? No specific college degree necessary? I get to work for a Fortune 500 company from my own bedroom using only my phone and computer? I can even label myself some fancy title like Auction Listing Specialist or whatever while making loads of money?

Wow! Who can pass this up? I go right ahead and fill out the form to get more information, right?

But then as I am about to press the 'Submit' button, I suddenly realize what I am doing.

Surrendering To Fear When Desperate For Employment

It's called giving up without a fight.

There you are now, passing out your personal information, and eventually your precious cash to a total stranger, without even verifying whether you're about to take a shot in total darkness. But it's so tempting! It's your one chance for work, right?

C'mon! Smack yourself upside the head! Open up another tab in your browser. Why?
starting your own business makes you moneyDo it because within 5 minutes your information hunt would have revealed 3 independent sites that exposed the work-at-home program for what it was – a lousy SCAM.

$197. That's what desperation would have cost me, if I hadn't had the better sense to pause and test the facts to avoid the scam artist.

And it would have been the same for you.

This experience helped me realize 2 things that I believe you can gain from:
  1. You can't avoid the pretty horrendous people out there who wouldn’t hesitate to take your money because of the mental and emotional condition in which you find yourself today.

    I could be in rags begging on the sidewalk without a cent to my name and these rip-off artists would mug me for the lint in my pockets. That's how genuinely evil these people really are.

  2. To escape the traps that these horrible people set up for you, you must have a change of mind.

    Renewing your mind paves the way to the renewing of your emotions. This is what makes possible acting without fear to avoid getting scammed.

Looking at all the comments left by the victims of the work-at-home swindle that I escaped, I noticed lots of folks who are in pretty bad shape. It infuriates me all the more to witness a bunch of thieves suck them dry. But, you know, regardless of their mistake in buying a useless program, these victims have admirable reasons for wanting to strike it big.

Gaining A Sound "Starting Your Own Business" Mindset

The "suckers" were people willing to dish out basically $200 to a dubious corporate insider, who promised to show them how to work for a Fortune 500 company delivering a service that pays $75 per hour.

But let's cut those who got scammed some slack.

All were not plain suckers or plainly greedy. They were not simply after the comfort and flexibility of working remote. They were not just after financial security or spending more time with their family. Heck! They were not even after just a quick buck!starting your own business overnight not a scam

Do you know what they proved to have been after with a passion?

They all wanted to work.

Can you see what this means?

It means that they wanted purpose in their lives. They wanted something to do that is useful and can produce results. They wanted more than a job.

They Wanted To Start Their Own Business...Fast!

Starting your own business fast is why you're here. Starting your own business is what allows you to be your own boss. It means that you can stop having to work for employers who treat you like a disposable paper plate.

So this got me into thinking about what it would take as a person in desperate straits to start a business legitimately from home and to succeed with it.

Let's face it, we do not always fall for these get-rich-quick kind of schemes because we're necessarily lazy or greedy.

We fall for scams like these because we believe that there is a quick way to end the fear of being cashless.

If we had cash to cover our expenses, we could pay our rent or mortgage. We could pay for groceries. We'd have money for gasoline. We'd see our credit card balance that has ballooned recently in paying for all these necessities get smaller, smaller and smaller.

Folks, our problem is cash flow. And obviously the problem of cash flow ends with quick work ventures.

I'm tired of seeing needy folks get taken for a ride and exploited all because they have a longing to be successful at owning a business to work for cash.

I'm certain that there must be some business ventures that a financially needy yet industrious person can launch quickly and easily not only to generate cash in a pinch but to grow it into a viable operation in a few weeks. I've made finding those ventures my mission for this web site.

Most websites about starting your own business just give you general information about writing a business plan or getting a loan, or finding a product to sell, especially online, and a ton of other information that just boggles the mind and discourages you from starting your own business quickly.

starting your own business overnight makes money Honestly someone who is unemployed and low on cash just doesn’t have the resources to go through the whole drawn out process of finding a product or service to sell, writing a 30 page business plan, going to a bank and asking for a loan, and then creating a whole infrastructure to launch the business.

So aren't you tired like me of all those drawn out and general explanations about how starting your own business takes years to accomplish and money that you don't have?

There’s not enough information easily available about actual businesses that you can start NOW to begin making money FAST.

On the other side of the fence, nobody should settle for scams when they want to get a cash-producing business up and running quickly.

Don’t’ get me wrong. I’m not saying that preparing a business plan or creating a sound infrastructure for your business shouldn’t be on your mind.

I am saying, however, that starting your own business doesn't require you having to go through this whole routine just to produce honest cash fast.

Many enormously successful business owners didn't start out by going through this rigmarole. They just followed the basic principles of business – find a need, fulfill the need and make sure that your earnings are above your expenses, rinse once and repeat. Modify as you go.

So starting your own business shouldn't require having to reinvent the wheel.

You can make hundreds of dollars in a few days! Thousands in a month!

But you have to be willing to work for a real purpose and renew the way that you think about starting your own business.

You have to be willing to serve somebody in need first and foremost, and take your eyes off of yourself and your need for a moment to look at the need of the ones who will pay you to satisfy theirs for them. That's step one.

If you do this well, you will be too busy serving your own customers to fall prey to scam artists.

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