Starting A Car Wash Business...

For Quick Cash And Employment

by Alexis J Munoz

Starting a car wash business for quick cash and employment works!

Starting a car wash business is one of several excellent ways to make quick money. It's easy to setup, easy to operate, easy to grow and easy to sell off when you're ready, because it can produce lots of steady cash for you and your future associate within a few hours, if you know what you're doing.
starting a car wash business dirty car
Learning what to do is not hard. But there's more to it than meets the eye.

Car washing is an ideal business for someone desperately unemployed but with a strong work ethic and a mind for exploiting a growing opportunity to make lots of money quick.

This kind of work can get you out of an immediate financial bind, and it could serve as a stepping stone into another career, if you set your mind to think like an entrepreneur.

Look at the highway. Tens of thousands of cars clutter the streets everyday. They splash on puddles. They run over mud. They get pooped on by birds and stuck on by insects. Every day all that gunk gets washed off by somebody who is not afraid of hard work.

Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Get the picture?

We're talking cash and repeat sales!

The car washing industry is HUGE. Car wash sales in the United States alone top over $22 billion per year. Can you get a piece of that enormous pie?

Why Starting A Car Wash Business Is For You

Getting into this industry is exceptionally easy for an individual who is hungry for cash. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • The cost of entry is low, because the tools and materials are cheap.

  • starting a car wash business dirty car
  • The competition is not fierce at the curb side level, because there is an aversion by the young today to doing manual labor.

  • Car owners today are busy people, commuting longer, not interested in washing their own cars. They'd rather pay somebody to come wash their cars for them.

  • Many service providers also do not do what they promise. Customer satisfaction, therefore, is fleeting. An honest, reliable worker will get regular business.

  • Lastly, government regulation at the curb side level is not as soffocating as it is for those wanting to automate some steps through machinery to process a higher volume of vehicles per hour than a single person can do alone.

What will matters most in starting a car wash business is getting business quickly, by learning how to market yourself, knowing what makes you particularly appealing to your clients.

With so many makes and models in the street to choose from, a car washer can specialize within a very narrow automobile and geographic niche to deliver a unique service to a very specific clientele very fast, who will pay cash daily for your services.

These are the reasons why the opportunity to grow a small operation is so large for the enterprising individual in need of quick cash.

How To Start Your Own Curb Side Car Wash Business

Unlike a conventional car wash business that requires thousands of dollars of startup investment and months to get established, a single individual can start a car wash business for a fraction of that cost practically overnight.

The problem with starting a car wash business is finding the appropriate information that you need to specifically start a car wash business without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Rest assured that you'll easily spend 100 hours searching for the right information online, at the library or talking to practitioners only to come up short, and maybe even a little confused about what it takes to build a car wash business that you can launch in a few hours.

Alternatively, you could pay hundreds of dollars for a car wash business kit that contains all the information that you might need to get started. But the price of that kit will take your meager funds that you need to get your small car wash business started, and you won't have money enough to start the business itself. If you're out of work with little money and you need cash quick, this is no bargain!

However, if you want to start a car wash business lightning quick, it's critical to get the right information on how to do it also lightning quick and in a detailed, step-by-step format preferably at no charge. Is this possible?

Can you say YES? So can we!

Where Can I Get The FREE Guide To Starting A Car Wash Business?

There is an excellent guide on starting a car wash business that you can read without having to shell out ANY cash to buy it.
car wash business kit free
You can find this guide in our "Quick Money Ventures That You Can Easily Start Today" section of our web site. Click on the following link to visit the guide directly to learn specifically the various ways to make money washing cars.

You will get a detailed, online step-by-step manual to start your own car wash business. You won't pay a cent for it. This online guide is overflowing with over 80-hours of research and professional insights, and it's yours entirely FREE!

Just click here to visit now! All we ask is that you help us with the following question first.

Now go read our free guide and get one step closer to earning quick money owning your own business, especially if you're unemployed today.

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