Starting A Business From Home
As Your Base

...Will Fail Unless You Match 5 Characteristics

by Arturo F Munoz

Starting a business from home means something very specific at this website. Maybe you won't like it. Maybe you'll love it. Either way, starting a business from home is unconventional, disruptive and uncertain. But so is getting married now-a-days or having children, to be perfectly candid.

In fact, there is as much in common between setting up a home and then using it to host your business as there is in getting married and having some children. So, if you want to know more about this, read on. Ours is a unique angle that we're about to share with you on the matter of starting a business from home.

To What May We Compare Starting A Business From Home?

Starting a business from home is like homeschooling. If you're not familiar with homeschooling, let me briefly explain what it is using a few words and the following cartoon illustration.

starting a business from home homeschooling

Homeschooling is about educational freedom. Home is just the central base of activity. But the learning happens both inside and outside of the home. When engaged in homeschooling, the school is everywhere, though there be but only one home base.

In homeschooling you start with collaborating with your children in the selection of resources that become your homeschool learning plan. No outsider is in charge. It is you who has the authority and ability to change your homeschool plan and schedule whenever you please. You are in control.

Here's the key principle. Whenever you surrender authority or any oversight to someone outside the home, you no longer have a homeschool. You can easily do this the moment you attempt to imitate the public school's system of doing school, or a private school's system of doing school. And many homeschools have so failed to maintain their educational freedom.

Why do they fail?

They fail because they trade their freedom for a sense of conventionality. They want to look like everybody else and feel safe. But the introduction and adoption of these outside systems entirely distorts the organic structure of educating from a home base, since these outside systems are designed specifically to operate NOT in the home.

The same can be said for most business models. They were not designed to operate in the home. Therefore, to start a business from home you must recognize that your business model cannot imitate that of an outside organization. You must resist being conventional. If you bring home your work office unchanged, you will more than likely fail in starting your business from home.

A home business is a business designed specifically to operate from the home in collaboration with those who find value in receiving services from one centered there, and it is a business in no way under the control of an outsider. It aims to maintain freedom from wage bondage. It is the complete opposite of what a wage slave telecommuting would call her "home operation".

To succeed as a home-based business, a home venture must not imitate the core aspects of the typical corporate operation. What characterizes the successful home business?

5 Characteristic Of A Successful Business From Home

starting a business from home base button Starting a business from home will more likely succeed if your business model includes the following 5 characteristics:
  1. You're The Absolute Expert - In the business that you can successfully start from home you are an expert. That means that you must always look for people who know less than you do in one specific field. They must have money to pay you for your expertise in this field. You must brand yourself as someone with a narrow specialization and no one can question your expertise in that domain of knowledge.

    In starting a business from home you start by networking to identify the opportunity that you wish to exploit. You scan who you're going against. How well do you measure up? Along with courses or workshops that you've taken, you combine your existing skills with a clear understanding of an ideal client's most felt desires that you know you can fulfill better than the next person in line bidding for that client's attention and trust. You must be unique in your client's eye and the one alternative to discomfort.

  2. You Use A Microscope To Analyze The Market - Corporations target industries. You must target cliques. Without a razor sharp focus on a micro-niche of opportunity, you're unlikely to grow your business without outside help. And the more outside help you need at the start, the less likely it is for you to make starting a business from home viable, since you will need industrial strength capital to cover the expense of startup support. So, you must become an expert in a hyper-narrow area of a growing field of the market. You must ride a rising trend that you've identified. Short of this you will struggle to remain home based.

  3. You Need Funding, But It's All For Marketing - More important than a product, more important than funding, more important than a business name is knowing that you can market whatever your business will stand behind of. If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, if you can get "I want that product or service!" before even having one available merely on the skill of knowing how to present to people and press their hot buttons, then you'll never be unemployed. Your business will produce sales. So learn how to do marketing like a champ from the very beginning and you're half way to Successville.

  4. You Don't Start With Debt - If you're starting a business from home while indebted, you got a tough hill to climb. You will need money to invest in your business to grow it to a point where you may be able to convince someone of your capacity for handling debt. Unlike most conventional businesses that start with debt, for someone starting a business form home debt should come after you have something worth funding.

    That's when a formal business plan is needed to seek for loans to grow a proven business with. But before you reach such a moment, you ought not be struggling with debt. If you're carrying personal debt, you will have to work doubly hard to reduce or exit your current debt situation while starting a business from home.

  5. You're Involved Part-time Only If You Want Part-time Progress - It's hard to gain momentum when you're starting and restarting time and again. If you choose to work part-time, don't do it with starting a business from home. Do it with your employer and only during hours when you won't be dealing with your clients. You will need to track your tasks, achievements and performance. It will be very discouraging to look at your log only to see how much time has transpired and you've yet to gain any traction in your home business. So, don't start a home-based business unless you intend to give it all you got.
Businesses operating from home are not like conventional businesses and many entrepreneurs making the switch from corporate offices to home offices struggle with this. They know not what to do with so much freedom. Well, with freedom comes responsibility and responsibility in business is all about knowing how to respond to someone in need.
starting a home business you love
So spend your time thinking carefully through the repercussions of becoming independent from the structures and rules that govern a corporation, if your desire is to start a business from home. And if you're already home and have never quite gotten broken into the disciplines of corporate life, then stop worrying about not fitting that culture. You don't belong to that crowd!

As so often is the case with homeschoolers who never attend public school, when they're incorporated there they seldom fit in and it takes them much time and effort to adjust to becoming dependent on a system that requires uniformity of thought and behavior.

The same happens to public school students who need to reform and take responsibility for their own education at home, once they're taken out of the public school system years after that indoctrination process began for them. They struggle with being independent. Likewise entrepreneurs wanting to start a business from home will struggle with the new model depending on how conformed to a conventional corporate model they've been in their careers.

But the key to success lies in embracing the new, often more strict though thoroughly more fulfilling discipline of home business development that allows you to work long hours but have plenty of time with family; a shoe string budget but low overhead; less take home pay but more write-offs for your work expenses, which translates into keeping more of your hard-earned money, and much, much more! The characteristics of home-based businesses simply fail to match many of those found in corporations, and that's as it should be.

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