Small Scale Business Marketing

What Rule Of Thumb Does It Require From You?

by Arturo F Munoz

small scale business marketing horseless carriage

A small scale business develops old habits just like anybody else. It's run by people who become comfortable with tradition. These traditions often lag behind severe consequences.

A small scale business passed down from one generation to the next reaches a measure of success because of sound practices that one generation later could drive it right into the ground. No area in a small scale business is more volatile than marketing.

Your marketing must be current to help you adapt your business to a changing environment. Your marketing must ensure the continuous integration of innovation into your small business' basic framework.

This kind of marketing keeps your operation moving forward. In other words, marketing that is dynamic is always nimble from generation to generation.

And yet most small scale businesses stick with traditional marketing. Like an old shoe, it fits more comfortably but it ruins your appeal while denying you more durability and security. It also stinks.

A Small Scale Business Must Pony Up

The chief reason often tossed on the table for sticking to the old and tried tradition is ease. "We know how to do it and we know it works." This is true until it stops working and nobody else knows what else to do. Today you can find yourself in such a situation in a heartbeat.

That heartbeat can thump loudly the moment a new entrant into the market uses a new marketing method so effectively that you lose your most valuable customers with just a few new offers you weren't prepared to counter. And your customers don't even have to know this has happened to you.

Think about Henry Ford. He said that if he had asked his customers what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. But he came up with a horseless carriage that worked and turned the pony and buggy market upside down. Horsebreeders and liveries were put out of business within less than a decade. Blacksmiths, carriage makers and stable operators had to find new ways to do business or follow suit. So much for knowing how to do things that work...

In today's fast changing pace of business, you must be flexible and versatile without losing focus. You must be online. You must be socially engaged. Your email communications must be personal. Your regular mail communications must be relevant and timely. Your telemarketing must offer real value. Every conversation with your customers must branch out of a central, accurate and updated source of customer information. All recorded interaction and customer feedback must return there and make a difference in the way that you treat your customer next time around.

And so, must you put together and also carry out all this monumental work yourself alone? We are speaking of a small scale business, after all.

This is where it matters to settle on a rule of thumb. Let's say you have the ability, money and time to do it all yourself. Is all this marketing work the core function of your business? Unless you're a marketing agency, the obvious answer is no. You're in the business of doing something else in a small scale way. So if your strength lies elsewhere, then why do all the marketing yourself when instead you should be focusing on the chief purpose of your business?

So if you have only ability and money at your disposal, then partner with someone who can make up for your time limitation. If you only have time and money, then outsource most of the work and direct it from a distance. If you only have ability and time, then do all the work yourself. But aim to make some money soon to find a partner to share the production load with. Don't straddle the fence. Take action. Don't settle for tradition. In a galaxy of choices, choose more than the tried and old. Look at the infographic below for some ideas.

small scale business marketing infographic

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