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by Arturo F Munoz

If you're after a small business opportunity and want advice for it, then you should think of what that might mean to you, because it's been said that advice is what you ask for when you already know the answer but wish you didn't.

small business opportunity advantage There's nothing new under the sun. And yet ignorance abounds on Earth. So enterprising people not only want but seek for advice. But why?

Although you might already have an answer for an issue that you've been battling with, you may still need encouragement to make the right decision.

Although your small business opportunity might seem sensible, you might still need to run down someone else's check list to double check whether you've missed anything critical.

It's not that a small business opportunity might not work for you. Far from it! It may be that if it works out, then you might be in for the ride of your life! And you might not have been quite prepared for it. So you want advice in advance of your likely success.

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Still, let us not kid ourselves.

Often you want advice on how to avoid an abysmal venture. But that comes closer to reading tea leaves and chicken entrails than to giving practical advice, because business is an entirely trial-and-error undertaking. It's a dynamic experience, ever changing.

You might believe that you can rely on "best practices." At best these are principles. At worst they're yesterday's observations of a reality long gone.

What didn't work for one type of person might work wonderfully for another type. And maybe you're that type for whom it will work out. Then maybe you're not.

Only trying out your venture will bear this out! You need to test the load to see if you can bear it.

small business opportunity testing But whatever the case might be, at Starting Your Own Business we don't like to give advice to anyone who hasn't asked for it.

There's no easier way to destroy a relationship than to tell people to do something that they didn't even ask directions for.

So if you're not interested in learning how to get rid of your fears about exploiting a small business opportunity, or the advantages of investing money on your own micro-business or finding an alternative to multi-level marketing and franchise ventures that either don't work or are unaffordable for anyone who wants to start small, then click out of this page right now.

Practical Business Advice Doesn't Come From School

We won't belabor the point. Neither government nor private schooling teaches young graduates how to confront the risk of venturing into business or the steps in exploiting a small business opportunity.

Because students are not coached on how to become business owners, they're trained by default only to become employees (and, now-a-days not even very competent ones).

This is why advice is necessary for those who want a business of their own, but have come to the frustrating realization that school has failed them. This is also why we've created the Small Business Opportunity Advisor page.

small business opportunity coach Here we want to share with you as micro-business practitioners our ongoing thoughts about how a business opportunity cannot get any smaller than you starting out your own micro-enterprise as the foundation for a larger venture that you can nurture into existence with intelligence and hard work and dedication.

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