Small Business Opportunity: Renting Your Home As A Filming Location

by Tim
(Staffordshire, UK)

Your property could serve as a filming location<br>and a small business opportunity

Your property could serve as a filming location
and a small business opportunity

When it comes to a small business opportunity, I'm interested in renting properties for film projects, because the great news about renting for film, TV or photo shoots is that they don't cost you anything!

Here are 3 good reasons why property owners could benefit from this:

1) You can get on with life making money from a traditional job while filming is taking place at your property

2) You don't have to finance the dressing up of your property, such as a house, for the film project. The directors may wish to make changes – always with prior agreement with you – but ALWAYS at their cost!

3) You benefit from your property becoming a star! It's a note of distinction to stand out from the crowd if you need to sell the property in the future. And putting your property in the movies does that for you.

So renting your home as a filming location can be a great small business opportunity!

In Europe and for the UK in particular you can even advertise your film location property for free at a place like

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Nov 03, 2010
This Could Be Your Way Into Filmmaking
by: Anonymous

This idea is a very viable small business opportunity.

I read in the LA Times that, if your property is ideal for a movie, a studio is willing to pay from $2,000 to $20,000 PER DAY to rent it and will put you up in a hotel.

Of course, you need to live in a place where movies are being made.

But even if you're not living near Hollywood, for instance, I bet you it's possible to rent out your own place for small productions and get a few hundred dollars for it!

The article said that in 1 year there were 30,000 days of location shooting for which permits were pulled in the Los Angeles area. Permits are required to film outside sound studios.

But around 70% to 80% of location filming in Southern California happens in private residences.

You just have to behave like an actor and market your house or property.

So, for some people wanting to get into filmmaking, maybe that's one way to cut their teeth and get into the business.

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