The Small Business Opportunity
That You Exploit Today...

Can Follow This Storyline

by Arturo F Munoz

small business opportunity name tagDreaming of a small business opportunity? Be ready for your opportunity when it comes. This is what twice British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli used to say. He called it the secret to success.

You now have such an opportunity before you. “Every man has one chance in his life to make a fortune," Horace Greenley, founder of the New York Tribune, used to say. Therefore, become inspired.

Some small businesses are slow in rising. Little cash and few resources block their growth. Far more than anything, however, the owner's apathy in letting an opportunity roll by unexploited keeps a small business from gaining enough momentum to bust through the blockade. In other words, routine and fear kill a small business opportunity while it is still in the crib.

Take some lessons from the following man to keep apathy from snuffing the life out of your small business opportunity.

He had few resources and one chance for success. And he didn't blow it either by following routine or by being afraid of his ignorance, lack of support or other limitations.

What's The Story Behind Exploiting A Small Business Opportunity?

small business opportunity worldwide communicationsHe came from a religious background, his father having been a preacher, and spent 3 years in Europe learning to become a professional artist. For 10 years he specialized in portraits.

While in college he also took some courses on natural sciences and chemistry.

On a trip back from Europe, this bit of extra knowledge gave him an edge when listening to a conversation about some French scientists and their experiments with electromagnetism. The little that he understood from them completely enthralled him.

Rather than lose a good opportunity by dismissing this new gained knowledge as just a passing fancy, the man let an idea ruminate in his mind. He began to think big – a behavior to imitate if you want to be ready for a small business opportunity and success.

He had learned that electric shockwaves could moved all around a large room from one end of a wire to the other end instantaneously. What could he do to make use of electricity this way? How could electricity in motion be harnessed to a wire to help people?

A successful small business opportunity always focuses on benefits to a neighbor.

He thought for some time until he resolved in theory that if a pulse of electricity could move throughout the entire wire in one direction, then it might be possible to make the electric signal visible at any point along that wire. If the signal could be made visible, then “I see no reason why intelligence might not be transmitted instantaneously by electricity.” This is what Samuel Finley Breece Morse believed.

Locking himself immediately in a cabin, he combined his old understanding of chemistry with his artistic abilities to complete a drawing with explanations about the interplay between magnets, wire and electricity to communicate ideas across long distances.

An opportunity to change the entire way that the human race communicates doesn’t appear very often.

It showed up for Morse for just an instant. He seized the opportunity by recording it with the strengths that he had literally in his hands before someone else could do the same. Do likewise, because he also had many competitors who would have exploited the same idea promptly. So don't stop there. It is not enough.

Use What You Got, Don't Bemoan What You Lack

Remember Morse was a painter not a scientist. Yet for 3 years he worked perfecting a machine while serving as Professor of Painting and Sculpture at New York University, where he ended up exhibiting his creation. He received lots of applause and compliments for a fascinating idea and an intriguing machine.

small business opportunity Samuel Morse But none dared risk any capital behind it to make it a practical enterprise. After all, to take off the ground a small business opportunity requires more than elbow grease. It requires risk-taking. Be prepared to confront your fears.

Morse made a bold move to secure a large grant from Congress, by performing many commercial and public demonstrations to academia, members of Congress and the presidential cabinet.

A small business opportunity still requires bold marketing.

His request was rightly found at the time to have been unconstitutional to fulfill. Yet his insistence secured him about $1.2 million in today's currency, of which he wasted 75% trying to work an underground wiring system that horribly failed.

He was desperate and about to go broke.

Desperation motivates an entrepreneur both to find alternative ways to exploit the small business opportunity and to remain focused. No doubt in his worse moments Morse remembered why he had undertaken his small business project.

Exploit The Opportunity With A Motive That Transcends You

Here's why Morse never stopped. While away painting a portrait in another state Morse received news by horse messenger that his beloved wife was ill. Leaving immediately he arrived only to find that she had been dead and buried for days, having died alone. He was 34. Since then his ambition became to find a way to deliver long distance messages fast. He remained focused on his pursuit.
small business opportunity telegraph
In his distress with the failing venture, Morse also sought the help of an old acquaintance, a potter's son and carpenter, Ezra Cornell, who eventually went on to found Cornell University.

At the time, however, Cornell was just a 35 year-old ploughs salesman, whose experience with farming tools helped him redesigned a plough to help Morse lay down cable underground more efficiently.

The technique worked but not the underground technology that Morse had devised.

small business opportunity telegraph The small business opportunity was about to go extinct, had it not been for Cornell's fresh advise to hang the wire from poles rather than continue laying it underground, which saved the project and the telegraph venture.

This shows how a small business must diligently keep an operation simple to keep it also economical, mitigating enough risks thereby to improve the possibility of success.

Then success finally struck on May 24, 1844, when Morse telegraphed a politically significant news to his project sponsors in Washington DC across scores of miles of hanging wire. That sealed his destiny. Morse and his telegraphic code became superbly famous worldwide for generations.

Cornell ended up making millions by constructing telegraph poles and hanging wire throughout the land, and by founding the gigantic Western Union Company. A small business opportunity became a big business.

What small business opportunity can you turn into a great success by imitating some of the great entrepreneurs in history? How will your storyline read 30 years from now?

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