Running a Commercials Company

by Saja
(Baghdad, Iraq)

This is my dream to run a commercials company. I want to start this project.

----- Arturo's Reply to Saja -----

Thank you for your remark, Saja! And welcome.

Please tell me, why do you want to make commercials? And what kind of commercials do you want to make?

Who do you want to help by making commercials?

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Oct 06, 2012
Saja Is After A Childhood Dream
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot, Mr. Arturo.

For the answer, well, when I was a little kid I was in love with the commercials on TV for milk or some candies, and that admiration for them are still with me.

So I dreamed that one day I would make one. So I studied technical operation management in order to find out my dream and this is my story. ^_^

Oct 06, 2012
And You're Working Toward Doing...What?
by: Arturo F Munoz

A childhood dream is a precious possession. But it takes you nowhere unless you apply yourself toward achieve it.

Often you do not end up achieving what you dream. You achieve something better, because children do not perceive reality the way adults do. So you can do more as an adult. But it all depends on your determination and flexibility.

Are you exploiting today's unprecedented opportunities?

Today you can do commercials for small companies using a $200 pocket digital video camera, a $30 lapel microphone, a $75 Sony Movie Studio video editing software package to publish them for free via YouTube and on the client's own website.

So for less than $300 you're in business!

The key, Saja, is to get started because you're going to need at least 1,000 hours of practice to become competent not merely at the technical level but in the more important skill of marketing. After all, that's what commercials are all about.

I recommend you visit Bill Myer's website and his YouTube Channel to learn how to get started in bringing your dream to reality on a tight budget.

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