10 Terrific Open Own Business,
No Fuss, No Muss

Just-Do-It Videos... To Inspire You

by Arturo F Munoz

Open own business! Start a venture of your own! It's not as risky as you perceive it to be. So move ahead. Make the choice to open your own business. Be an entrepreneur

Your dream is to open own business, because you have a vision for your life. If not, get one! Become inspired by the challenges that surround you. Aim to make a difference in the world to which you belong. You can do it!

Let this inspiration stimulate you to action. Be a doer, not just a thinker, much less a mere talker. Take the plunge. You're never too young. You're never too old either. Listen to the following below.

So, today technology favors you. Tools are cheap and accessible. You can start a venture at very low cost. What a great opportunity to open your own business!

Though with ease of entry into new ventures comes also greater competition, you can still think through your business model to figure out how you're going to make money.

You can create a product. You can appear distinct and comparatively superior to any of your competitor, if you focus on the needs of others first.

Keep also in mind 10 tips to help you remember that you very well may have all it takes to pull this off and open your own business today!

You know that corporate security doesn't exist.

Hasn't today's Great Recession taught you that yet?

Starting a venture of your own is not as risky as you perceive it to be. So move ahead. Make the choice to open own business. Be an entrepreneur!

But if you wish to ease into it, then at least start where you're at. Can you be an intrapreneur? Can you open own business inside a large corporation?

It won't matter whether you're enterprising inside or outside a large company. So long as you become passionately focused on a niche pain and get a mentor. Find a variety of associates and take your first steps now.

But you're concerned about funding? Is that what's keeping you back from becoming an entrepreneur? Money?

Then first understand some fundamental principles about how a successful small business owner must think to set up the venture using any funds available, meager as they might be, in the most optimal way then understand how bigger businesses think about financing their ventures, so you can think ahead.

Learn this lesson well from a venture capitalist: "...financing is about raising money to reach a set of milestones that increase the value of your company."

Have you opened up your company yet? Have you set up your milestones? If not, should you even think about financing before getting those bearings straight

Don't let money funding concerns dissuade you from becoming an entrepreneur. Open own business! Do it now! Put what you do have into launching your own venture, no matter how little it is.

Learn from those who, like you, dreamed and worked to fulfill the initial milestones. Then they sought for financing even from dragons.

Then start by learning and applying immediately to your life a superbly important skill that even Warren Buffett prizes far above his scholastic achievements.


Don't know who Buffett is? See here.

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