How Online Network Marketing Business

...Meets Mexican Revolutionaries

by Arturo F Munoz

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Let's assume you wish to start an online network marketing business. This is revolutionary for you. But what do you know of handling the outcomes of revolution?

Learn something quite insightful from the Mexicans in this installment of our 10-part series about how to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business to achieve success as an entrepreneur.

Few things are more focused than military revolutions. In 1910 Mexico exploded into a bloody civil war with many fronts. Millions died and the bloodbath did not end for a decade. But starting in January 1926 the winning revolutionaries, realizing both that the country needed massive rebuilding and that the national economy was too weak to support this rebuilding entirely by itself, chose to focus on changing the new nation's immigration laws to distinguish between temporary and permanent immigrants.

Their goal was to identify a new breed of foreign visitors willing to tour through Mexico for pleasure but for no longer a period than 6 months. In a word, they concentrated on giving birth to Mexico's tourist industry, which today accounts for one-tenth of its national economy. Considering that Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world, theirs was a significant achievement.

What did it take?

It took concentration. Focus.

An Online Network Marketing Business Without Focus Is A Failed Revolution

Long before the existence of the Internet, businesses and even nations have relied on networks to spread the word about their propositions to an ideal customer audience. Networks by their very nature diffuse a message as they disseminate it. It is complicated to maintain a consistent message moving through an expansive network. This is why in creating a unique selling proposition you must maintain your message highly concentrated.

For 30 years Mexico struggled in developing a consistent message to pass along through a world network to market tourism. Not until the arrival of World War II did this change. Come 1945 and the victory of its American neighbor to the north, industry leaders in Mexico chose to concentrate on marketing a specific tourist location that had been successfully attracting Mexico's own upper class from its capital city to the coast since the 1920's - the coastal town of Acapulco.

By focusing on the promotion of Acapulco exclusively to U.S. residents, Mexico stopped attempting to appeal to everyone. There was a lot to trade off. But without making this sacrifice, Mexico would have continued struggling, unable to develop its distinct sun and beach appeal for which it is world famous today.

When it comes to developing a USP, you must choose to focus on appealing only to a narrow segment of your entire market. Without an explicitly narrow exclusivity your market proposition will fail.

Obviously people who were far more interested in visiting quaint haciendas, ancient Mayan ruins swallowed up by thick jungles or populous bullrings to witness a matador's spellbinding dance with death had to be passed over for all American sun worshippers desperate for a deep tan and a margarita by the surf. But it is this image of exclusivity which gave Mexico it's unique worldwide appeal to this day and allowed it to gain a solid foothold in the mind of prospective tourists.

The success you gain in making an appeal that resonates with an exclusive audience also offers you the opportunity to expand your business. For Mexico it has translated from a message of post-Revolution impoverishment by the sea to some of the most luxurious and expensive beach resort real estate and princely treatment on the planet along not only its Pacific coastline but the Caribbean in Cancún, where the region today gives entire nations such as Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico a run for their entire economies.

Never doubt the impact that a concentrated message will produce on your selling proposition, as you incessantly deliver it to an exclusive segment of your ideal customer that you wish to focus on. This alone will make you stand like a pyramid in the sun. It will revolutionize your network marketing business.

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