Online Jobs Work From Home

...If You Rather Not Be A Wage Slave

by Arturo F Munoz

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There are online jobs that work from home. But succeeding in them is conditional. This condition starts in the mind, adheres to our natural inclinations and then becomes an inherent part of us.

Too many of us have been conditioned from an early age to think like wage slaves. This is no different than how some others have also been conditioned to think like freedmen. So the notion of conditioning is nothing extraordinary and neither is individual disposition. Some people are quite naturally wage slaves and will always be so. Others are quite naturally inclined to pay the price of employment freedom and will always do so.

Ask yourself what kind of person are you inclined to be? And how were you conditioned?

Being a wage slave is nothing immoral or debasing, even if the term slave carries so much negative baggage with it. Wage slaves merit respect. Only too many of them work very hard for their keep and take pride in their skills, labor and contributions.

But the wage slave wants security far more than to bear with the responsibility of freedom from an employer. Wage slaves do not find the risks, decisions and obligations of entrepreneurship appetizing enough to surrender what seems to be a sure security. It's important, therefore, for the wage slave to be honest with himself and recognize his condition, also the position that this puts him in relation to a boss, and the significance of accepting this wage slave position with grace.

In other words, a wage slave cannot get all the advantages of security together with all the benefits of employment freedom without being ungracious and self-deceived. Somebody has to take the risks and somebody has to earn the benefits of risk-taking. This somebody is not the wage slave. Those benefits belong to someone else. But give the wage slave his due wages. In the old saying, "Don't muzzle the ox while it is treading out the grain." The good worker is indeed worth his wages.

What Makes Online Jobs Work From Home?

What makes online jobs work from home is you not thinking of these jobs in the traditional sense of the word. The traditional definition for the word job is work that a wage slave does for wages. If you want to be a wage slave from your own home, think twice about it. Very likely you're wanting the returns of risk-taking while seeking for the benefits of a wage slave's security. You want a boss to take care of you while being able to play the boss yourself. That is immoral.

But if you want to take on calculated risk and work hard to exploit a market opportunity, and be responsible for the outcome of your risk-taking, then kiss wage slavery good-bye!

For an inexperienced worker, a single mom, an unemployed student, a laid off employee or a retiree struggling with a lack of income, it may seem very tempting to want to get a job from home, especially one that could be done online. After all, the Internet has opened up new horizons of financial opportunity, so the word goes. And this is true. But don't let a half-truth deceive you. There's more to this puppy than four legs and a wagging tail.

If you view the typical information dished out from mass media about how online jobs work from home, you might get a repeat of the following brief video.

But let me tell you something as a professional marketer about being a promotional specialist, graphic designer, publicist, virtual assistant or pick-your-own-special-topic blogger, such as the video above mentions. In online work, as in any work, if you don't know how to do marketing to get business, you're dead. You might as well not exist.

I know tons of people who wanted an online business and took their hobbies and ideas to the Web, creating very decent websites with much useful information in them. Some have generated much traffic to these online ventures - hundreds of visitors per day - only to flop and produce no revenues, because they don't know how to market a product or a service, to say nothing of those other poor souls who set up a website only to get 5 visitors in 6 months.

The latter worker bees constitute the 80% of online business adventurers. The former make up another 16%. Only the top 4% of online businesses make a killing. They get to enjoy most of the honey.

How do I know this?

How To Improve Your Odds Of Working From Home

In this world the Pareto rule applies with looming strength over just about everything that we do. That rules says that 80% of results come from 20% of what produced them. So, 80% of online jobs that can actually work from your home will come from no more than 20% of the work-at-home opportunities that you might spot anywhere in the Internet. And 80% of your success from doing a job at home will come from only 20% of the 80% of online jobs that you can really do from your home.

This means, for example, that if you make a list of 1,000 online jobs that you could do from home, only about 200 of them might actually prove useful to you. And of those 200 only 40 might prove successful. That's a 1 in 25 chance of success. Talk about taking on a risk! And you'll be successful only if you really can get cracking in doing effective marketing and sales to generate business online. This can't be avoided.

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Did you know that the biggest list that I've found in the Web for online jobs that you could do from home is only about 100 jobs long? Doing the math above, this means only 4 out of those 100 jobs might actually pan out for you.

What if you don't like any of those 4 listed jobs? This bit of knowledge should put your conditioning to the test. Freedman or wage slave? Which one are you? Which one do you wish to become?

Why do I ask?

You're going to have to create your own business rather than pick an online job from some online job list that claims you can get hired to do that job from home, because the likelihood is that you're not going to find a job that you'd enjoy doing from home in which you'd also be successful. Pareto proves it.

If you're a wage slave, this should be enough to get you polishing your resume.

But I recommend always to be a freedman, though I won't knock you for choosing to be a wage slave, if that's what you really are and wish to be. But if you're going to give entrepreneurship a try, stop thinking like a wage slave. Stop talking job, job, job. Start speaking service. Speak solution. Speak fulfilling a want in an ideal customer that you'd love to work with.
  1. Start with building a simple message for someone who you know you can help like no one else can.

  2. Then align your mind and your energies toward the single objective of meeting that individual's expressed needs.

  3. Fulfill this person's desires in exchange for something that she values little (i.e. her money). Give her what she'd value more (i.e. you delivering on what she wants). It's not too complicated.

To do this, nevertheless, you will need a community of experienced online entrepreneurs to speak with plus an affordable online tool box to get you moving and delivering goodies to your ideal customer.'s a bright idea:

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