Online Home Business System
That Won't Waste Your Money

...If You Know What Business You Wish To Start

by Arturo F Munoz

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Relying on an online home business system will keep you from dashing yourself to piece in a financial free fall event. But forget about financial independence.

As I explained in my Financial Free Fall Survival video, starting your own business when you're down and out not only is possible but can land you in a better place financially than where you started from, if you take the appropriate action.

However, to succeed in the use of an online home business system you must embed the following truth deep into your mind: financial independence does not exist. The way George Bernard Shaw put it
Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.
You are dependent on your customers. What this secures you is independence from 1 employer serving as your sole financial source. But as a business owner you're dependent on many employers and with this you're more financially secure.

In your effort to set up a home business in the Internet, always remember that whatever online home business system you adopt it will fail if your objective is to rid yourself of your financial dependence on others. Begin with knowing that to succeed in an online commercial endeavor your system must focus your efforts on strengthening your relationship of dependence with your multiple employers that you call customers.

The Best Online Home Business System Is Not A Business

Because of your having to depend on more than one employer for your financial security, you're going to be spread too thin to serve them all well. If we assume that the only way to serve them all is by you having to create a business, then and only then does it make sense to speak of a business system to make possible a consistent and manageable delivery of business services.

Only when you've become crystal clear about the service that you will commit to deliver to your customers are you ready to think of an online home business system and not one moment before then.

So the best online home business system that you can get will not be an existing business already. Instead it will be a series of procedures, tasks, rules and policies that you will follow like a music score for a one-man show under precisely defined conditions to fulfill your promises of service and delivery to your customers through your home business. Sometimes an online home business system does not come appropriately tested to meet the conditions of your particular kind of business. It is important you understand well in advance what these conditions are, so that your system may operate effectively in your home business.

For example, let's say you've done things right and you started thinking about starting a business not from the perspective of what you want but from the perspective of what one specific group of people sharing a common desire want. You've come to realize that no better way exists to satisfy their desire than you putting effort in a systematic way to deliver a particular product or service to them like no one else around is currently doing. You also see a good possibility of growth, if you can get these people to buy from you again.

What's missing?

Let's say what you understand about your current condition is that, although you're competent in drawing these people's attention and you're comfortable propositioning them for a purchase, and you're certain that you can secure the product to give them and organize its delivery, you simply don't have the technical know-how to create the online presence necessary to put the business in the Internet all the way from your home.

What's missing is a system that you can rely upon to walk you step-by-step through all the phases required not only to set up your online presence but systematically operate the technical aspects of your online operation.

You don't need a marketing system to help you improve promotions. You don't need a sales system to help you improve your revenue stream. You don't need a finance system to help you secure funding. What you need is an online home business system specifically focused on website design, optimization, development and management.

But note that you first needed to have had your business already scoped, with customers, products and services identified and a trajectory for growing a relationship with these customers. You should have had an inventory of your strengths in hand and a clear understanding of your weaknesses which only a system could help you lessen if not entirely eliminate. Until then any online home business system is more likely to end up being a total waste of your time and money.

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