Oh Agony! What To Become, Self-employed or Government Employee?

by Christina
(Opelika, Alabama)

self employment bureaucracyI agree starting a business is the best way to earn money versus taking a job. But for those who either need health benefits or for any other reason, the best sites I've found are either Department of Labor or state employment sites or go directly to the company's website.

Stay away from job aggregators such as Indeed or Monster.

Don't put up your resume online.

I put up my resume on a state employment site and got a call from an insurance company. I thought it was for a reception job, but it ended up being a spiel to become an agent. I took down my resume immediately. I check the postings and apply for positions based on my interests.

The job I have now I actually didn't apply for. My mom found the link at the organization's website and I applied for a completely different position. When they called me, I discovered they wanted me for a Human Resources position. I walked into a position that several current employees had also applied for.

I have also been working at my own business part-time after work and on weekends and my goal is to become fully self-employed by 2016. My monetary goal is to double my current gross income before going full-time.

----- Arturo's Reply to Christina -----

Thank you, Christina, for dropping by. You make some reasonable points.

I couldn't agree with you more regarding job boards and online resume search farms. They are useless. Here is no small reason why:

But I must take exception with you regarding the use of job boards for securing civil servant employment. Frankly, they're no different than private boards. If anything, they're even more nefarious because civil service also often requires you to take tests. This is an enormous use of your most precious job searching resource – time. You should expect a return on this time investment.

Few people even get an acknowledgement that they've made it through to a human who might read all that information you spent hours typing into the online forms.

There must be a better way and there is!

It's called networking.

But this term is very poorly understood by most people whether in business or in the ranks of the unemployed. Often it is thought as having to do with groveling for a break.

"Hey, mac, can you spare me a dime" from a 1930's hobo sounds mighty close to "Hey, Arturo, do you know a place I can get a job in what I like?"
Humphrey Bogart spare me a dime
So, don't go there. That's not networking. In fact, if you go to networking events, clubs and Meetups, then after a few visits you're likely going to end up with more business cards than you'll know what to do with. Business cards is what people love to hand out at networking meetings. It makes them feel they did something either to give 'em or receive 'em.

But if you come home to study these cards and you exclusively focus on what you need out of them, then you're likely to end up in the same spot where you started – with you sitting right next to yourself all alone with a whole lot of business cards in your hands that you don't know what to do with.


Because the question to start with at a networking event is never "WHO needs to know about me at this event to help me reach my goals?"

Instead, the question to start with at that event is "WHERE is the new person who needs to know my last contact, who is looking for help in getting her own problems resolved since that last conversation I had with her in the last networking event that I attended?"

Be THE matchmaker.

That’s what networking is all about. This is how you become the go-to person.

It is by becoming the go-to person that you become indispensable. You get the job offers without even looking for them. You get the business leads that self qualify.

Change your angle of approach and you change your results. That includes getting enough business so that you don't have to worry about health insurance or working for a boring bureaucracy or getting the kind of job that slows down the launching of your own business.

Attagirl, Christina! You're doing super-wisely to work nights and weekends on your business!! And to set yourself a deadline is nothing short of phenomenal! You got the right frame of mind about entrepreneurship.

You're seizing the bull by the horns and getting it under control by exploiting the moment's opportunity for your future. Don't give up! Keep faithfully to this discipline. But also learn to network the right way and, come 2016, you'll be rejoicing in your achievements.

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